Games On Net Review: Black Shark

GON writes: "New flight sims are few and far between, with developers long ago ditching this once crowded genre in pursuit of more lucrative, mass-market titles. It's a far cry from the early days of the PC, where every second game involved shooting down bogeys or landing on an inaccessible airfield. Don't let the lack of new titles fool you though – there's still a healthy community of virtual fighter jocks and airline pilots around the globe, spending their weekends studying manuals so massive they'd scare a librarian. These folk have spent the last few years making do with a smattering of re-releases of older titles and modifications to the handful of sims that are still alive. But thanks to a small group of crazy Russians, virtual pilots have been handed a sim which will keep them busy for many years to come. Even better news is the fact that this is just the beginning, with a healthy future for the flight sim scene as a result of one developer's unique approach to releasing this game."

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