Ludlum Estate Slams Vivendi

The CEO of the Ludlum Estate, Jeffrey Weiner, has slammed former partner Vivendi over its handling of the Bourne franchise.

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Leord3546d ago

Oh, don't blame vivendi that the Bourne games were unpopular. Almost all movie games suck, and this was no exception.

AndyA3546d ago

The Bourne Conspiracy had amazingly bad driving sections. And shooting sections. And fighting sections.

thetamer3546d ago

I'm not so sure that all movie game things work so well actually. Better to base movies on games rather than the other way around.

Maticus3546d ago

One could be just as critical about movies based on games :P

syrinx3546d ago

The films were arse anyway.

jay23545d ago

Oh man,Weiner, what a name!

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