2009 and the Xbox 360 "We are taking a look at some of the exclusives that each console is bringing to the table this year. The Xbox 360 is known for its exclusives, especially its shooters. This year is looking no different as gamers will be treated to not just one Halo, but two Halos'. From a traditional Halo, Halo: ODST, to a not so traditional Halo, Halo Wars, we take a look at what 2009 will bring the Xbox 360 gamer."

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Mr_Bun3596d ago

It would be nice if we had a release date for Splinter Cell

GWAVE3596d ago

And for Alan Wake. I'm puzzled by journalists who place Alan Wake and SC: Conviction in 2009.

UnSelf3596d ago

cmon crackdown 2 crackdown 2 crackdown 2.................CRACKDOWN 2

PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL DO ANYTHING!!

Danja3596d ago

I would love if Crackdown 2 make it this year , really enjoyed the 1st game..

jkhan3596d ago

I count 360 exclusives after GDC09. I am pretty sure Microsoft will announce a couple of titles slated for 2009 release.

DutyCalls3596d ago

i assume MS has something stored for late in the year (holiday season!!)
is still to early to know what is going to arrive by years end.

Stubacca3596d ago

2009 is gonna be stale if they don't. I'm hoping they might have some groovy new arcade games in the works.

Critical_Hit3596d ago

That Forza 3 will be one of the big games Microsoft will announce and release this year. Other than Mass Effect, I can't really think of another big game exclusive that they could announce this year with such a short release window for the hype to build up. We'll see though...

Pizzagaki3596d ago

Pizzagaki fully agrees, too early to count exclusives now.
Pizzagakk is still waiting for the first shots of mass effect 2, forza 3 and Battletoads :D

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BLUR1113596d ago

Microsoft hope you get the ball on with announcing some release dates or a lot of 360/PS3 owners will be playing more PS3 in 2009.

Stubacca3596d ago

You can put 360 and 2009 in the same sentence. That's amazing.

Gobuz3596d ago

wow, that's an awesome line-up...*

*Sarcasm. Please don't tell me that's all there is for 360 in 2009? In-fact Alan Wake has gone awol, so make that 3 exclusives.

rawd3596d ago

That is quite a line up. I had to page down only once to view the complete R0XXXXXX0R exclusive game list

BLUR1113596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Microsoft is just playing with SONY and their fanboys at this time.

here is a hint... it's not make or break time for their console

Who is the lead?

rawd3596d ago

Hasn't it always been break time for the 360?

hippo243596d ago

Yes because ther's no way that they could announce any more exclusives, or that all these games must suck.

Judging a year from the 2nd month is a feat I would delegate to some sort of soothsayer, not a fanboy of either side.

BLUR1113596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

rawd, didn't you say that joke on here about 2 years ago it's old now so GIVE UP

Deadman643596d ago

One thing I find funny. The only people complaining about the '09 360 lineup is Sony fans....

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2FootYard3596d ago

Looks like I won't be doing to much gaming this year.

UnSelf3596d ago

See there's dis company called Sony, and they'll satisfy all ur gaming needs and then some

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