Playstation Home: Was it worth the wait?

Sony's new social online experience is now in public beta. You access Home from the XMB where the online options are located. The first thing you will do when you launch Home is create your avatar. Sony's does a great job with its customization options here as you can customize pretty much everything. Communicating in Home is done mostly with text. You can use voice chat, but the other user has to be at your personal house. Once you finish creating an avatar the first place you will go to will be the Central Plaza. You will have to download the Central Plaza and any other area you want to go to before you go there. Each download takes about a minute or two. You only have to download each area once, after that you can go to and from each area without having to download that area.

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GWAVE3548d ago

Was it worth the wait? I definitely think so, and the reasons are simple:

It's FREE social networking "game/chatroom/Myspace page" that is unlike anything previously on consoles. Period. It runs smoothly without massive amounts of lag or without getting kicked off the server all the time, and it is FREE. It has plenty of people online at any given moment. It continues to add more content (both personal content like clothes, furniture, etc but also the "rooms" like the EA room) for FREE. It continues to get updates, bugfixes, and expansions for FREE. On top of that, it's completely non-essential to use if you don't want to. You can still play PSN without using Home (whereas you HAVE to use Avatars or Friend codes for the 360 and Wii).

I'd say it was worth the wait. Any "disappointment" was mostly fabricated by fanboyish media sites that coughed up headlines like "Will Home matter?" and "Will Home save the PS3?" and "Will Home flop?" and when Home came out and DIDN'T instantly sell 10 million PS3s, these same sites chalk it up as a "disappointment".


Gaming far you've fallen.

jammy_703548d ago

is it worth checking out?? :)

i don't even no what its all about, hanging out and stuff im guessing :)
i just like playing games lol

Ahmay3547d ago

talk bs to girls or he-shes (guys pretending to be girls). mini games are fun. so is watching trailers in the theatre. you can also check the trophy collection of peeps u never met b4.
being in home is somewhat like being in the matrix!!! haha

3548d ago
Chriswsm3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Its still is beta (unless I have missed something) therefore is it really worth commenting? It aint ready yet !!!!

I would say it has a lot of potential

ezcex3548d ago

Who gives a flying fvck. You do not have to use it.

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