GamerDad Review: Big Bang Mini

GamerDad writes: "Now it's OK for your kids to play with fireworks…on the Nintendo DS, at least! In Big Bang Mini, launch fireworks at targets while avoiding projectiles in this classic styled 2-D shooter.

Big Bang Mini is a totally unique shooter because play control is entirely done with the stylus and touch screen. Drag your icon around to avoid projectiles and bullets. To launch fireworks at targets on the top screen, just flick the stylus upwards, like how you would strike a match. You don't even have to be close to your craft to shoot, just fire anywhere on the touch screen so long as your icon doesn't get hit by a bullet. You can even aim your shots by flicking in different directions. Aim carefully, though, because if you miss a target, you'll have to avoid debris from your own fireworks! Collect enough falling stars from downed targets to win the level."

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