European PlayStation 3 TV Spot

The advantages of Blu-ray disc storage are explained in this PS3 promo.

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Ravenator5294439d ago

How Sony is totally losing touch with its gaming community.

This commercial is a total DRAG!

It totally reinforces Sony's grand plan to promote Blu-Ray through the PS3 and in turn exploiting its loyal gaming community in the process.

Torch4439d ago

There's a middle-aged man with a beard sitting in my PS3 who's able to make tea and play my VHS tapes for me???


Give me a moment...I have to recover after that exciting adrenaline rush from watching that action-packed promo.

Whom is Sony targeting with that commercial anyway?...retired tea-drinking librarians who are excessive rat-packs??? Still, there's something hypnotically eerie about that music and voice-over...closely along the lines of those subliminal brainwashing episodes we've seen all-too often in many sci-fi flicks.

Ah, I'm sure I must be overreacting. if you'll excuse me, I must immediately run and go buy ten PlayStation 3's, 16 Sixaxis controllers, 500 blank Blu-Ray discs, and all remaining stock of Genji: Days of the Blade.

techie4439d ago

"What's the one thing you can never get enough of...?" everyone's thinking well "sex" usually comes after that. and she's like "I'm talking about storage" lol yessss of course, storage...

I'm sorry I have to say I love these UK adverts. Maybe it's just target audience. I just like her voice and the way they are filmed. They're great. And by the way there is a European advert for every feature of the ps3 just like in the states - there's the cell, the sixaxis, hi-def, the whole system, and now this blu-ray one. They are all good. It creates something quite magical around it...which I think is the consensus over here.

My friend who doesn't really play games, went to a friends house who had a ps3 and he has photos of it on his phone lol. There's something about it. It's like a luxury item (prob price) but also it's magical if that makes sense...dum dum dum

Torch4439d ago (Edited 4439d ago )

with the exploding eggs, and that freaky-looking baby that even the most committed mother would panickingly flee from? I think I'm going to need someone with a Freudian/Jung background to explain those LSD-inspired adverts to me.

But it's true, and I've said it in the past: The PS3, quite simply, grows on you more and more every day. You know, sort of in a way like how those rich guys who acquire those Russian mail-order brides desparately yearn for, but so seldomly experience.

Sadly, I'm feeling bad for my once-beloved Wii, which hasn't been getting much lovin' as of late because of that cursed black shiny box with the Spiderman movie font splashed across it.

Damn, you Sony......Damn you!!!!!!!

techie4439d ago

Nah I don't think we;ll get them here...but I've seen them and I like them.

I'm going to slightly diss the 360 here. I don't mean to. The 360 doesn't have that magical high-quality aura about it. It's def. a toy. Which in some ways is a good thing, because it can surprise the hell out of you, but its also props to the ps3. Tis quite mythical and exciting just as a piece of equipment.

AllroundGamer4438d ago

this commercial was really gay...