How good is the iPhone for gaming?

The total number of iPhone application in the App Store has crossed fifteen thousand. A staggering 4,381 are games. The number is surprising if you look at the number of games available for dedicated gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS and and Sony PSP. Compare also with the number of applications available for other smartphones such as RIM's BlackBerries, Nokia's NSeries, etc. Do you think the iPhone is about to change our concept of gaming? How often do you play games on your iPhone and how good it as a gaming device?

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meepmoopmeep3596d ago

right now it's good for casual gaming
the next iPhone may break into DS/PSP territory though.

Fishy Fingers3596d ago

All down to the developers really. On paper the iphone trumps both the PSP and the DS. Apple could help by making a decent game pad type case or something.

Playing ROMs with the d-pad and A/B on screen is ok, but some games your gonna want better control and more button options without fingers all over the place obscuring your view.

TheTimeDoctor3596d ago

its about as good as the wii was for gaming

actas1233596d ago

Good for puzzle games thats about it

poopsack3596d ago

I got this game called payback for it, a gta (2) styled game and I must say its very awesome, it has controls done right, cool graphics and it performs very well. Of course people might hate for no reason simply because apple decided to jump into this industry out of the blue, with a machine that wasnt made for gaming, in the middle of this generation of consoles. Others will hate because its apple, I just think that if its done correctly, the iphone is a very good option for gaming, just wouldnt buy an iphone/ipod touch for games only, but fortunately I already got one for other reasons. :)

walken73596d ago

But out of that many, only a very few. There were bound to be a few gems, but for the most part, even after being out this long, most of the games are bad/terrible.

Imallvol73596d ago

simple answer . . . its not

I hate just about everything I have tried on it. And if it wants me to push buttons on the screen, forgetaboutit.

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