Rumor Killers: Exclusive RE5 DLC, 2K Boston's MMOFPS, and an NXE update

PS3-exclusive Resident Evil 5 DLC, 2K Boston working on an MMOFPS, and an NXE update on the way.

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cain1414650d ago

IF only bioshock 2 did have multiplayer... I can see that being pretty cool...

GWAVE4650d ago

Anyone else notice how the "Rumor Killers" will put pro-PS3 rumors as "Unlikely" whereas most pro-360 rumors are "Highly Likely"? Like when that unannounced Metal Gear game was announced (later to be announced for mobile phones or iTouch or something) they pinned it as "highly likely" that it would come to the 360. Hmmm.

They say:

"Capcom knows this game will be too big to leave added missions (for example) on one platform knowing they could double their money on both."

So that logic didn't apply when you said DLC on the PS3 for GTA4 and Fallout 3 was "unlikely"? Double standard, methinks.

kwyjibo4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

Doubt it, Sony generally don't do the the exclusive DLC thing, and given David Reeve's recent comments of not just going up to Capcom and ponying up cash, I really doubt it.

Do you really think Sony would be wise to change strategy now? Because that $50mil for 2 GTA episodes looks a tad expensive, when it could have financed a whole bloody studio.

I reckon any exclusive PS3 content would revolve around Home.

Viewtiful4650d ago

If Bioshock 2 has Multiplayer I'm going to /wrists. The number one thing they got wrong with the original was focusing too much on action and shooting, so if they introduced a whole new mode based purely on shooting, it would prove that they don't even understand their own game.

Lifendz4650d ago

it's a dying trend but it's still there. I've been yelling about the double standard forever. 360 shooters don't have to have a story to get high scores but a PS3 gets slammed for having a nonsensical story? It's laughable and I choose to avoid those sites as a result.

Heck, Xplay is really getting close to getting the same sort of treatment. Was that comment by Morgan really necessary? While 360 fanboys laugh at that line I hope they remember that PS3 owners actually have a AAA exclusive game released in 09. They don't. The 360 hits this year all appear to be multiplat.

dragunrising4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

If you look for a correlation between pro-xbox and anti-ps3 bias you will find it however that only reflects your personal bias. It is silly to think that every journalist is an xbox fanboy; why would they even review PS3 games then? Its hard to be a fanboy when you get a taste of gaming on more than one system. Regardless of any journalists personal preference, they're bias should not effect they review if they are professional. Simply ignore the websites and articles you find that are unprofessional, simple as that. Personally, I think there is enough bias on both sides to sour the integrity of gaming journalism.

Edit: If there is DLC specific to one platform (RE5) I might be forced to get it for that system. I was leaning towards getting the 360 version earlier but I like the controls more for PS3.

Lifendz4650d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

"If you look for a correlation between pro-xbox and anti-ps3 bias you will find it however that only reflects your personal bias. It is silly to think that every journalist is an xbox fanboy; why would they even review PS3 games then?"

There is a double standard. You can act like there isn't or that I'm projecting but it's there. I read the reviews. Most of these guys are very forgiving of 360 faults and very hard on PS3 faults. I don't know what happened to cause this but it's there.

That's just one example of many.

Tell me Morgan Webb stating PS3 owners now have something to spend their money on isn't biased. I don't hear her saying 360 owners would love to play this but probably can't since their system is at Microsoft being fixed.

People, like you, who state there isn't a bias when there obviously is one are simply in denial.

Edit: Here's a good article for you blind. Takes the time to list examples of the bias.

Marcelles254649d ago

whatever this game is means its xbox 360 exclusive because it says triple a, which is first party then it says using the unreal enigine which is epic.
another one to the other console

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SirLarr4650d ago

I can't. Bioshock isn't an experience that needs or warrants multiplayer.

kwyjibo4650d ago

If you've played games like Jedi Knight, you'll realise how fun force powers are in death match.

Your powers could easily be levelled up such those in Battlefield, COD4 of KZ2(?).

The focus of BioShock should still be single player, storytelling and exploration. But multiplayer would be a welcome complement.

burgercomic254650d ago

Bioshock is a very story driven game, so I can see why it doesn't need multiplayer.

Raoh4650d ago

the only thing i could see with bioshock as far as multiplayer is possibly co op.

Pootie Tang4650d ago

Multiplayer would ruin the game for sure, but i could accept co-op play

IcarusOne4650d ago

Turned on my box this morning and there was the update. Downloaded and installed within a minute.

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