Macworld Review: Aquaria

Macworld writes: "Side-scrolling action adventure games are a dying breed. Big publishing houses stick to 3-D graphics and fashionable genres, but side-scrolling action games have a rich history. Super Mario Bros. broke through to American audiences when I was a kid, and its core game components-avoiding obstacles, powerups, and clever level design-all still hold true today. Combining the frenetic action of Mega Man with the oceanic artistry of Echo the Dolphin, Aquaria is an undersea adventure game where you must guide a water nymph named Naija to find her family and unravel the mystery of the underwater world of Aquaria. Independent game house developer Bit Blot has created an enchanting and challenging game that harkens back to the golden age of side-scrolling action adventures. (The Mac version of Aquaria is being distributed by Ambrosia Software.)"

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