Play Preview: inFamous

Play-Mag writes: "Sony has arguably the strongest base of first, second and thirdparty developers out of all three console manufacturers. From the artistic masters at Team Ico to the reliable stalwarts at Insomniac, the electronics giant works with developers that it knows will get dedicated members of the PlayStation user base excited.

Sucker Punch Productions is probably the Sony-associated developer with the lowest profile – having created three moderately successful Sly Cooper videogames (all of which we enjoyed, aside from the three-dimensional bits in the third one that managed to give us migraines) and the fondly remembered cult hit Rocket: Robot On Wheels for the Nintendo 64, the company was never the largest operation but its consistency proved that this didn't matter.

The stakes have been raised by inFamous, though, the company's first blockbuster exclusive for the PlayStation 3. According to Producer Brian Fleming, the entire make-up of Sucker Punch had to transform in order to handle a project of this unprecedented scale: "The game has a much bigger scope, much more content, so much more detail than anything we've ever tried before… It's borderline crazy for a team of 60 people to try to build a game like this, but we have always valued being a smaller-sized team because it keeps us nimble. There are so many new specialised positions for this title: high-detail character artists, full-time lighting, a team of two guys just detailing out the climbing system across a city's worth of buildings." When you wrap your head around the inFamous premise, you realise it's something that would typically require a team of much greater size."

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meepmoopmeep3543d ago

can't wait to get this game.
looks great.

jammy_703543d ago

i tink it will average just under 90 in metacritic, thou i want it in the 90's! looks like a fun game though

Cajun Chicken3543d ago

I can't wait for a release date of this one. Really wnat to play it, will also be my first Sucker Punch game.

40cal3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

is defiantly on my list for 2009. Really at this point I want to know more about Cole, hopefully I can relate to this guy, but it sounds like they have this one under control,

"Sucker Punch has spent an astonishing amount of time finding the right voices for these characters who, by the sounds of it, are a bit of a laugh"

and some more details on the whole; "Your Cole and my Cole are not the same" hoping this will lead to more than one play through.

tbone4323543d ago

I honestly want this game more than Killzone 2, but I will get both though.