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"Killzone 2 is a significant game for Playstation 3. It has set a new standard for the first person shooter genre that will be hard to imitate. Part of Killzone's 2 draw is undoubtedly its vivid graphics and outstanding visual effects, but level design, weapon handling, an accessible and smooth control system and great AI, all play an equally significant part in making it such a memorable experience."

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Ziggi3544d ago

Appreciation of Killzone 2's Graphics..
Anything lower than a 9.3 for Killzone 2 is wrong (yes i've been in the beta)

Is this site on Metacritic?

actas1233543d ago

Good score. and Killzone keeps on the killzoning.

sonarus3543d ago

How about you anticipate the game instead of the score? I promise you, you will feel a lot better. Never in my wildest dreams did i think KZ2 would average a 9.0 on metacritic i started to believe a little bit after playing the beta but with so much negativity surrounding the title i didn't want to believe. So far the game has exceeded my expectations and i am quite happy with that.

Anyone saying KZ2 isn't good enough because its a 93 on metacritic is just another one of the mindless fanboys on the site. This game has been stamped with seal of approval from just about every single site. Who cares if its better than overrated halo 3 or not. Just be happy you have great game to play

vasilisk3543d ago

1.14 - Got my review copy yesterday
I just finished the game today. The game is simply AMAZING, never saw anything like this on any console, it's so far ahead anything else out there that the other developers should be ashamed of releasing the crap that they do.
I cannot but LOVE the fact that you feel like you're handling a real person, a real soldier and not some gun hovering in the air. The videos of that game don't do any justice for it. You got to see it in motion. And yes I have a PC capable of running Crysis in 1920x1080 in the highest settings, it's part of my job to have one. And I can tell you that it comes very close, but overall Killzone is a much better experience, a much better game. And it still made my eyes bleed, exactly like when I saw Crysis in motion for the first time. Now I know why Sony didn't want Killzone to be released around the same date as Resistance 2. Comparing the two, I'm sorry to say it, but Resistance 2 feels you're playing Crash Bandicoot if you you know what I mean. GeOW2 also feels like a PS2 game compared to Killzone. I think I'm never going to be able to play another FPS without comparing it to Killzone 2, it destroys everything out there. The AI is ASTOUNDING, I've never seen anything like it, you'll know when you play it.

For those out there the will challenge the validity of my claims, I will only say that I'm not from the US and not from the UK. I'm European and I will not give you my jobs PSN ID for reasons that all of you understand, but I will give you my home PSN ID which is: vasiliskara. I started playing it again and I finished Corinth River and I'm halfway through the second level. You can all see my trophies and see that I'm not lying.

PS3 owners, you DON'T want to miss this one, believe me...

redsquad3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

Well said. As I've said elsewhere: All I've ever wanted from the KZ2 reviews is a mostly positive concensus, and that's what I've got (and them some!). Anything else is quibbling over individual opinions, ergo totally pointless.
I also have no interest in HALO, so care even less whether KILLZONE "owns" it or not, regardless of how their scores compare.

Maddens Raiders3543d ago

You've got the touch.......

Traveler3543d ago

Hey vasilisk, thanks for the nice mini-review. Obviously Killzone 2 has thoroughly impressed you. That is nice to hear, you lucky man.

I am so excited for this game.

Maddens Raiders3543d ago

"Looking at it from a negative angle, however, the AI is sometimes ((((a bit too good)))), artificially so. The Helghast have an uncanny knack of being able to throw a grenade right at your feet, even when you have yet to step out into the open or show your face. Particularly later on in the game, when you'll come up against hordes of Helghast at any one time and it can be extremely tough when you've constantly got enemy firing at your position. Nevertheless, the steep challenge is always an exciting one and whenever you reach the end of a level there's a real sense of satisfaction knowing that you've just participating in one hell of a fight and had to use skill and courage to get through it..."

Good God I can't wait to play this game.....

cmrbe3543d ago

The truth is Uncharted is far better than Halo 3 imo and yet it rated lower.

JoySticksFTW3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

F' Hot Rod got Prime killed, and Transformers was never the same again... :(

and above is right

Uncharted is one of the best yet most underated game this gen

BkaY3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

why they are too tuff on ps3 games, its just so stupid...

i dont know y they cant review a freaking game without comparing it with other games of same genre...

i mean comon grandma is blind from one eye and she can see its the best looking game..... (but [email protected] in the gayspot thinks tht graphics of this game is just above average) ...

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MURKERR3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

i maybe saying what everyone is afraid to say but,fanboys,haters bias websites are playing it safe by awarding a 9, ive played the game well the first 3 levels and trust me when you all get the game you will see a 9 is a cop out, a fanboy score a haters score,alot of bias reviwers are secretly like 'damn ps3 is the real deal damn i hate you sony' this game is MUCH more than a 9,its not a 10 personally no game is there are always room for improvement,ps3 exclusives need to be judged fairly

killzone 2 is no less than a 9.5,real talk

iistuii3543d ago

review site is against the game eh. The facts are the AI could be better, no co-op, all enemies are the same, and boss fights are a bit old hat. Still a great game but they cant all be wrong.

redsquad3543d ago

I actually agree with you (apart from about the co-op) - I never expected KZ2 to be perfect, just brilliant. By all accounts it is so I'm happy.
On the co-op... If Guerilla had promised such a mode then removed it at some point in the creative process then I would agree that the game should be marked down. But, as far as I know it was never supposed to be there and so it's abscence can't really be considered a 'flaw' (I reckon).

Hububla3543d ago

didn't gorilla already state that co-op would be released post launch via a patch?

redsquad3543d ago

That was a rumour that Sony has denied, I believe.

From what I heard, you can go into the online multiplayer with a friend against just bots - Not sure if that's true, but if so then it's close to a 'co-op' mode.

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BMS843543d ago

9.5 is a good score for this AAA title , the first time you ll play it , it will be an amazing experience.. some reviews are just crap and biased.

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