MS: There'll never be a dancing Master Chief game

Speaking to at a recent London press event, Halo Studio lead producer Jason Pace revealed that the newly formed Microsoft Game Studio is willing to use the Halo brand in new genres, but only if it makes sense.

So where exactly could we see the iconic Master Chief appearing? Pace wasn't saying, but he did confirm that you'll never see the great man in a dancing game.

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40cal3633d ago

Microsoft spent all of last year closing its first party studios so they could open a new one and call it Halo Studio?

Put all of your eggs in one basket much?

GWAVE3633d ago

I'm still holding out for "Halo Kart" and "CortanaWare: Smooth Moves".

Anon19743633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Due to the stigma attached to the Microsoft name after various court cases, monopoly hearings, bad Vista PR and the 360 hardware problems, Microsoft has decided to rebrand themselves "Halosoft" to cash in on the goodwill associated with the brand name and give them a new start in these uncertain economic times.

Expect to hear an announcement from the Master Chief Executive Officer (MCEO) within the next few days.

dragunrising3633d ago

I'm surprised myself. It makes no sense; though it basically confirms a Halo 4 at some point. It is a shame Ensemble Studios was closed (after 10+ years operational) to make room for a brand new studio. Hopefully, the majority of Ensemble employees are able to find a new job and soon.

Rock Bottom3633d ago

I want my Halo Extreme Beach Volley Ball.


kevoncox3633d ago

You guys can hate all you want but the truth is there have only been

3 Halos in 8 years.
While R&C has had how many different versions?
We are already on GOW3 and Jak and Dexter has had a Kart game...
WHo milks their franchises? Oh but it's Sony so it's ok...

Halo wars is how the franchise started and that's what alot of people were hoping for. After that there maybe 2 more Halos in the works. That's in about 10 years, which is the norm....By then R&C would still be on R&C 13.

Cajun Chicken3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

all those games in the franchises you mentioned were made by the original developers and still are except PSP spinoffs.
Sony haven't lent the franchises to every inhouse developer under the sun.

kevoncox3633d ago

I don't care who it's lent out to as long as the source material is identicle. Do you really think that the people working on Jak and Dexter are all original team members? I care about an overstuation of the market and right now, Sony is the guilty party. They release 3 or 4 games in their franchises per gen almost twice as much as Halo....

Xbox had 2 Halos
Sony had 4 R&Cs

Xbox 360 has 1 halo( soon to be 2)
Sony has 2 R&Cs

Basically as monumental as Halo is it is only 1 game ahead of Resistence in terms of games and the Resistance franchise is only 2 years old.

Anon19743633d ago

Come on now. No one is hating Halo, and we don't need your "but..but..Ratchet and Clank!" The Halo 3 marketing blitz was something the video game industry hadn't seen before and there's nothing wrong with poking fun at it. The simple fact that this guy even commented on a "dancing master chief" game is proof that they're good natured about it. You need to relax.

Now, I'm going to go out and get me one of those Covenant Burrito Supreme's from Taco Bell for lunch. Now with 130% more Halo!

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Panipal20053633d ago

What's that? Microsoft DON'T think they can get enough Halo? What, are they getting as sick of it as the rest of us? Hey, maybe they might actually try to COMPETE with Sony on the first-party exclusive front!

Hiruma Youchi3633d ago

I wouldnt want to see a dancing mast chief nore a racing master chief.

twoface3633d ago

How about a cooking master chief?

mirroredderorrim3633d ago

"MS: There'll never be a dancing Master Chief game!"

This title, saying it to myself.. it makes me laugh!

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