TechRadar: Is gaming and technology damaging society?

Opinion: Daily Mail and Children's Society in Luddite frenzy...

Children's Society report sparks Daily Mail rant against gaming and society...

Computers, TV and gaming are yet again being blamed for teenage violence, casual sex and the breakdown of pretty much everything from the nuclear family through to the international financial system.

The Daily Mail has been quick to report that teen pregnancies and mental illness can all be easily blamed on "computer games, the internet and television for 'the lurch to more and more violence which we know can breed violence and increase mental illness'."

Family break-up and selfish behaviour by adults in their "aggressive pursuit of personal success" is linked to "the effects of long hours spent watching television, on the internet and playing computer games."

The report claims that overexposure to violent images on TV and in computer games is largely to blame for the breakdown of caring, welfare-concerned family units well-equipped to nurture and bring successful and responsible children into adulthood.

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