Iwata talks game pricing

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has taken a pop at publishers for the way they price their games, criticising the current system where retailers cut the price of titles soon after they launch.

Speaking during a corporate management briefing, Iwata said: "We believe that each software should have its own price point depending on its volume, theme, contents or energies and time spent for the development, namely, the development costs.

"Once the suggested retail price is announced, we should stick to it," he added.

At the moment, publishers aren't keen to release games with lower price points, since they're worried retailers and gamers will assume they're of a lower quality.

But Iwata believes this does more harm than good: "If the suggested retail price of any and all software is marked down in 6 months or 9 months, the customers will learn the cycle and wait for the discounting," he explained, "Which will simply aggravate the decreasing sales of new software."

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