Gamespot Graphics Comparison Screwup: Madden '07

Gottig10 of E-mpire Forums noticed something peculiar when they looked at the graphics comparison posted of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of popular title Madden '07. Apparently the photos shown did not match the words printed above the photos, and this is what the member had to say:

"gamespot did there camparison of the ps3, and the other system games, they [tried] to state the the other system graphics of madden was better than the ps3, because of the stadium shadows that appear when you play. I played madden last night and i noticed the the ps3 version did have showdos and infact they where deeper and sharper than the other system version. The setting that puts shadows out, is when your playing in [the] 4:15 mode for the time of day.

so when GS did the comparison they purposely put the 360 version on the 4:15 time of day mode and didn't for the ps3, there for making the shadows appear on the the 360 and not the ps3 version. I emailed them last night, telling them how bias they are and everything,and look what they did."

Gamespot Link implicated in this story:

Also view the photo for a quick and direct comparison that Gamespot threw together after the Playstation 3 launch, one which included many other titles. Whether this was done on purpose, as some believe, or just an honest screwup has yet to be determined.

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power of Green 4277d ago

Too bad this is in no way wide spread in comparison pics, matter of fact that's not even what most people say when they have compared the two versions; my buddy has the PS3 and we and others know for a fact the colours are more vivid and the players are more detailed on the 360 and we're not alone.(both my buddy and I have 42" LCD's so we're not mistaken.

D R Fz4277d ago

it's just as believable as this guy from the article's forum,

yes it dose not look like the crowed ported over well to the ps3, but everything else including the backgrounds on the ps3 version looks vastly better.
i have a ps3, and my cousin has the 360, we have rented all those games displayed on gs, and we have came to a conclusion the the games on the ps3 look sharper, because of the hdmi, but games like nba 2k7 and fight night clearly show better textures and everything, that was made for the ps3 version of the game, and is not in the 3609 version. the cloth on the ps3 version of 2k7 moves waaaaay better than it ever did on the 360

Now tell me who i should believe in this case because, personally, i have also played both versions on my 56" Hitachi Plasma screen tv and guess which system was sharper? Although meniscule, the ps3 outshined the 360 in Madden 07 making me realize that either i was seeing things or gamespot had some faulty ps3's. Although my friends agreed with me that the ps3 was better graphically, i do not want this to turn into a terrible flame war and i will just say, you get what you pay for. The Ps3 is just getting started and soon enough, even websites like Gamespot will not be able to cover up the graphical prowess of the Ps3. It will not be defeated.

TheMART4277d ago

It's not only Power of Green dude

Ask Top Gamer/The Real Deal.

He owns multiple 360's and a PS3. On big screen HDTV's. Can compare up to 1080p and says also the 360 has better colours and is sharper in all games. The PS3 has washed out colours, in all games. Just ask him

kornbeaner4277d ago

topgamers nuts, get off them already. Yes big props to him he can game the way some of us only dream. So what just cuz he has more money then I or most of us on this site doesn't change the fact that what he claims is only his opinion and not FACT. I make $10 an hour have a wife and a kid doesn't it speak more of the PS3 that I am willing to pass on a $400 360 and rather buy a $600 PS3, since i don't have the bottomless pockets Topgamer seems to have. Of course it doesn't cuz no matter what my current finacial stitution is it doesn't change the fact whatever i say about the PS3 from my personal experiance is only my opinion and not fact.

So stop swinging on the mans nuts, his word is not more powerful then anybody elses.

So i guess i'll see your next post as a reply with your usuall
At Launch 360 4.5 attach rate
At Launch PS3 1.5 Attach rate

As proof as to why the 360 is all mighty and powerful.

Can't Wait

P.S. To cover whatever else might be said go ahead call me a stupid fanboy or a gaymer, whatever DJ is on my side of the fence and i let him have it for being the same type of lame-ass gamer you seem to be so by all means say what your gonna say.

AuburnTiger4277d ago

Very funny stuff, you had me dying at the end of your post.

MikeMichaels4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

But look at the whites on the player numbers in that closup.

On the 360 pic, the whites on those numbers are "blown out" (solid white). In the PS3 version you can see the detail and contours of the numbers with the folds in the jersy.

weekapaugh4277d ago power of green and martee have any objectivity. So how much does gamespot get a month from MS?

madden is virtually identical on both platforms.

Maddens Raiders4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

dbl. post

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D R Fz4277d ago

Thanks DJ and Bhai for the inciteful post and now i know not to believe gamepsot. They're really being pawned by Microsoft as of the moment and it shows. Where PS3 was bound to show its colors, Gamespot dampened its true capabilities all for what, free laptops with vista from Microsoft? Gamers should be offended at the bias that the supposedly "neutral" website is showing. This is definitely not good for any gamer. And if Microsoft did actually have a role in this blotch, then shame on them because it only shows that they are very afraid because the ps3 just came out and its first generation games are already of equal merit to those the 360 has to offer. This is a definite shame for Gamespot.

kornbeaner4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

but lately it seems like they have just been dropping the ball. Updates for the PS3 seem to take forever while they're at least 2 new updates for the 360 everyday no matter how small. Whatever I'm all for the 360 getting it's share of coverage, since there is a fanbase for it, but I have the PS3 and i want to be updated on my system as well, just as much as 360 players want their updates. Maybe they should just do what IGN does and find people Reviewer and Editors that Prefer the PS3 and have them review all things PS3 and so on for the 360 and Wii. This will remove the Negativity that at time can be unjustified just because you prefer another console. But this shouldn't come as a surprise considering that Gamespot does the videogame reviews for Cnet and Cnet is an MS website. Whatever, play what you want and listen to no one but yourself and you'll be a happey gamer.

makingdamage4277d ago

Gamespot on microsoft payroll?

nix4277d ago


that site is a heaven for 360 owners who need reasons that they bought the right console.

at the end, very bad journalism. pathetic.

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