Star Ocean Fans Unite Xbox 360 looking to cash in big in Japan

Look at all these Japanese gamers crowded around the Star Ocean 4 kiosk in Japan. Is this a sign of things to come? I don't think I've ever seen so many Japanese gamers crowding an Xbox 360 kiosk before. It looks like this may be the title that turns the tide for Microsoft in Japan.

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Kamikaze1353598d ago

This is what's making me get a 360. Will it go to the PS3 as well? Maybe, but I'm not going to stick around and wait a year to play this game.

anh_duong3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

why are there so many japanese blokes excited by star ocean??

because every copy of star ocean comes with a free pair of school girls underwear and month's gold pass to the local enema bar

GWAVE3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Ace Combat will turn the tide.
Blue Dragon will turn the tide.
Lost Odyssey will turn the tide.
Devil May Cry 4 going multiplat wiil turn the tide.
Infinite Undiscovery will turn the tide.
Tales of Vesperia will turn the tide.
The Last Remnant will turn the tide.

Sound familiar? Has the tide turned? Yeah, didn't think so. Not to mention the fact that not only was Star Ocean 3 disappointing, but every S-E game on the 360 has been average at best.

kevoncox3597d ago

I speak the truth an honesty....Please give me bubbles.

I don't understand why people think the 360 is the only console doing terribly in Japan. The Ps3 sold 1 million consoles last year. That is an epic fail. Remember it's cheaper in Japan than anywhere else. The 360 sold around half a million. Both consoles are failing in Japan. I would be more concerned if I was Sony.

Blaze9293597d ago

I see this game causing another rapid increase of Xbox 360's in Japan like what happened last year where the 360 was on top for like what, 4-5 weeks in a row? Then it will drop again -_-

But I cant wait for this game.

Kushan3597d ago

Well GWAVE, every time one of those games came out, 360 sales jumped a fair bit and although they dropped down again, they didn't drop down to the levels they were previously. Hell, Tales of Vesparia alone made the 360 outsell the PS3 for a month solid. In Japan, that's an amazing feat.
Hell, even the last few weeks the 360's "only" been outsold by the PS3 at a rate of 2:1 instead of the usual 3:1 or 4:1. Yeah, it's still getting pummelled, but slowly enough the Japanese are warming to the console.

Still, I doubt this'll "turn the tide", so to speak, but Microsoft is in this for the long haul and any progress is still progress.

GWAVE3597d ago

@ Kushan

My issue wasn't about month-to-month sales. The article said that this game "may be the one to turn the tide". Let me remind you that "the tide" is a 2-million lead that the PS3 has over the 360, despite the 360's 1-year head start.

Why do we have to quantify the 360's success? If the 360 cost $200 more than the PS3, then fine, I'd say it's okay. But the 360 is cheaper, it has more JRPGs, and it has been out longer. The best excuse people can come out with is "Oh, but it's in Japan". Therefore, is it equally valid to excuse the PS3 for being behind in North America by saying "Oh, it's in America"?

sonarus3597d ago

Sales will go up for a while before dropping down. Thats pretty standard for 360 sales. It could be the best selling 360 game in JP though

pumpkinpunker3597d ago

that Star Ocean 4 is a much bigger title than any that have been released before.

dragunrising3597d ago

I think its optimistic at best to make such a conclusive prediction that any one game will turn the tide. I expect Star Ocean 4 to sell excellent, however for how long? Every big JRPG sold a majority of copies within a couple week time frame; if SO4 can keep the sales up for a month I will be impressed. It's too bad this game isn't multiconsole.

Kushan3597d ago

Well, actually the "It's Japan!" excuse is pretty Valid, they've got quite a unique taste in games and they definitely don't like western stuff. But we already know that, so how about slipping the shoe on the other foot - there's any number of games that sell big in Japan but don't get a second glance outside of it, so it goes both ways.
You are right in saying this almost certainly wont "turn the tide", I wasn't disagreeing with that, I was just saying that every big title like this released narrows the gap just a little bit more.

tplarkin73597d ago

The 360 is the machine to buy if you want state-of-the-art JRPGs. But, MS could really use FFXIII in Japan.

ericnellie3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Lair will turn the tide
Heavenly Sword will turn the tide
Haze will turn the tide
Home will turn the tide
MGS4 will turn the tide
LBP will turn the tide
Resistance will turn the tide
Uncharted will turn the tide
Ratchet and Clank will turn the tide
GT Prologe

We can play this game all day and you will still lose both in hardware and software sells. Sorry, it's the harsh, harsh truth.

GWAVE3597d ago

@ ericnellie

We're talking about Japan here. Need I remind you that "the tide" is in the PS3's favor, therefore there's no need to turn it? Hardware and software "sells" are in the PS3's favor in Japan, so if you want to play this game,'ve already lost it.

@ Kushan

I know that Japanese gamers have different tastes. However, if a console (the 360, in this case) has an overwhelming number of games that directly cater to those tastes yet it still fails to hit the 1 million console mark after 3 years, it's obvious that "taste" has little to do with it. I agree that every big title ALTERS the gap between the 360 and PS3, not just in Japan but worldwide. The 360 has to catch up to the PS3 in Japan, but the PS3 has to catch up to the 360 in other regions. It's how the market works. BOTH consoles are increasing in sales, but the PS3 is the one that's starting to even out the playing field. The 360 has yet to sell the same as the PS3 in one year, let alone MORE than the PS3 in one year. That's how you "narrow the gap". The PS3 has been narrowing the gap, but the 360 hasn't. I'm just going by sales numbers, and those are the facts.

eagle213597d ago

MGS4 debuted #1 in JP and nothing on 360 has outsold it in JP. It also got perfect scores, even 40/40 famitsu. :)

360's 1 year headstart has FAILED in JP.

kws10653597d ago

Actually, MGS4 "DID" turn the tide (To be exact, since March 2008) until M$ drops 360 price by 100 bucks.

M$ could save its a$$ last year by doing price drop, but no more chance.

Voiceofreason3597d ago

@Gwave, Same thing was said about MGS4, Heavenly Sword, WKS, and every single PS3 game to hit Japan. Guess what? It's still not in first place. Sure lots of people think certain games will win over Japan for the 360 but Sony fans name off every game no matter how medioce as the ONE game to take SOny to number one. Last one was LBP and since it failed Killzone2 is now the PS3s savior. Only it will fail as well. Why? Well obviously Sony fans cant afford games. Either by age or lack of income. I dont know why really but Sony fans just are not supporting the PS3.

GWAVE3597d ago

@ Voiceofreason

Yes, the PS3 isn't beating the Wii in Japan. However, it's beating the 360, and isn't that what we're talking about here? The 360 is in dead last place in Japan. Period. It's behind. It's 2 million consoles behind, despite the huge number of exclusive JRPGs.

To say, "Well....nya nya! The PS3 isn't #1, either! FANBOYS said it would be ahead...well...well...nya! It's NOT!" is completely and totally childish. It skirts the issue at hand and it reeks of desperation.

gunnar29063597d ago

I have to agree with GWAVE
Sorry my bad English but my reasons quite different...
The reason of the lack of popularity in Japan is much deeper then you may think
First of all all japanese are absolutely sure that their own PS3 is much advanced than any other foreign product.
Someone wrote here that PS3 wes not popular in Japan too. It is not true. First of all it is pretty costly comparing it to Wii and has not so many games to play. For japanese player.
Talking about JRPG XBox360 has no real jrpg. The X360 has boring copies of jrpg. This is the point and I'll try to explain.
The difference is the culture. And everything is explainable with this point. American culture is pretty new, simple and тще very subtle. Country music, Marvel comics, Burger food etc. It must be simple to glue up all difference nations who make together american culture.
Japanese or any other old cultures are much more complicated. And happits or traditions of them are just products of some inner or outter affairs or conditions. For instance American and italian pizza differs much. Italian pizza was invented as a daily food for poor people. Spicy food of Middeterian countries is just an attenpt to save food without refregiration ( spices prevents perrishing). Japanese susi (raw fish) is the result of the food shortages and wood in Japan in past and the sea was the only source of provision.
You can teach a foreigner to play banjo and country music or make burgers. There are a lot of foreign country singers in the USA (even Russian ones). You need a music education, gift and a bit of practice.
But to learn japanese caligraphy you need to be born in Japan and practice it from childhood. You need a lot of years to understand how to make japanese silk paintings, origami, bansai, fen-shui, etc.
Japanese phycology differs much from Western ones. You may hire Sakaguchi, Wata, even Kutaragi anf Kojima but you cannot manage them to do a thing that fits evenly for West and Japan.
This is the main and epic MS fail. It try to become popular without investing a lot of money in Japan to make only-for-Japan products.

anh_duong3597d ago

sheesh people can't take a joke.. i was just poking fun at the japanese penchant for all things kinky... japan, the country that gave you coin operated scratch and sniff and bukkake parties - remember???

didn't even say anything about star ocean being good or bad..

just because you are a fanboy doesn't mean you have to have a humour bypass..

SaiyanFury3597d ago

No doubt Star Ocean 4 will move a few more units right around it's launch but mark my words, it'll be the same as Tales of Vesperia. After the first week or two it'll die off. Always has, always will.

Sayai jin3597d ago

@gunnar2906- Your English/translation is pretty good. Anyways I think I understand what you are talking about. True America is young country. It is a country founded by beliefs. The thing I love most about America is that we have so many ethnic groups, languages, religions, etc. I am not saying America is better than any other country, but it is rather unique in that aspect. We are much more than country music, burgers, etc. America gets the best and worst of all nations do to the fact that we have so many other different races living here. The American culture is the most complicated in my opinion, because it is a mix between several cultures. You can teach a foreigner to make sushi or play a Koto pretty easily, so that is really not a good comparison. But will it sound or taste authentic. You may have Russian country music singers, but does it sound authentic. You even have European, Asian, etc R&B singers, but does is sound original?

I was born in Texas, but have lived and visited almost all 50 states in America. Lived abroad for most of adult life. I lived in Japan for about 6 years, visited South America, Russia, Azores, Australia, China, Korea, Thailand, Spain, Italy, etc. I currently live in Germany. So I have had first hand knowledge and saw with my own eyes the beauty of many other cultures.

I met a French and American college students living and going to school in Japan. The had only been there for about three years. One was learning Kanji/Katakana and calligraphy and was doing really well. I learned something really neat in Japan. You ever wonder why you see some signs in Kanji/Katakana and some in English in Japan? The older generation can mostly read Kanji/Katakana, but if you meet some of the younger generation Japanese they can not read or write Kanji/Katakana. I have a friend who was born and raised in California and they have almost master origami and do pretty well with silk paintings. So you do not have to born in Japan to do these things. You just have to be taught.

MS has spent a lot money and time in Japan. They do not have western developers trying to make Japanese games. They have Japanese developers doing this. They have not only hired Japanese developers, but given them freedom to what is necessary to make good games. MS has a lot of Japanese dev's and the dev's know what their people want.
No America does not have a 1000 year or more history, but it does not make it any less meaningful than any other culture.

My friend, where are you from?

Saiya jin

thats_just_prime3597d ago

SO is right up there with FF and DQ. These games have huge followings in japan. I think that SO will sale over 100,000 360 systems putting it over the 1 million mark. While its doubtful that the 360 will ever pass the ps3 in japan it is making great progress. MS has done a great job of working with japanese devs and getting them to support the 360. Devs like Mistwalker, Namco, Capcom and SE. Capcom and SE both have said they want to make the 360 a success in japan

Oh and to all the fanboy acting like the ps3 being 2 million a head in japan in so great. Think about this the 360 in like 9 million a head in the US and 1 million a head in the Uk and 8 million ahead Worldwide

Death3597d ago

Metal Gear caused a surge in sales worldwide when it released just like any triple A title that has mass appeal does on any system. Microsoft had nothing to do with Sony's decrease in sales at the end of the year. The price drop brought in higher sales for the Xbox 360, but these are mostly people that were waiting for a 360 price drop, not people that were looking at the PS3. If anything, the PS3's high entry price coupled with the poor economy is what slowed down sales for everyone. I would imagine Sony releasing a new bundle for an extra $100 just in time for the holidays didn't help.


N4360G3597d ago

LOL That's what they said about both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey,nothing will help the Xbox 360 in Japan,nothing!!

Argento-Nox3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

@1.3 Kevincox

360 sold less than the PS2 in 2008, that's more of an epic failure to me. There wasn't any real noteable RPG's on the PS3 other than WKC last year either. This year they have FFXIII, possibly Versus, among other games like Yakuza 3.

There's a lot more reasons for people in Japan to get a PS3 this year than a 360. There's the FFVII advent children bundle, Yakuza 3 bundle and most certainly a FFXIII bundle along the way with whatever other bundle they have lined up for the end of '09.

I really don't know why people consider SO4 as a huge game, it's not even as popular as a Tales game, nor has it ever been a huge seller from SO1 to SO3. I'm willing to bet the FF Advent children and the Yakuza bundle do more for the PS3 than SO4 for the 360.

Besides, if SO4 is to be considered a tidal wave for the 360, should we not consider FFXIII and Versus a tsunami when it's released on PS3 in Japan?

Bloodwar3597d ago

The problem is that Japanese have a problem with anything that isn't home grown unless it is a Coke product. There is to this day, still a lot of post World War anger and they are holding it against the Americans for their defeat. So American corporations struggle for years before they become accepted in Japan. How long shall Microsoft struggle in Japan? That depends on MS's ability to bring in the game that really takes hold of the Japanese imagination? Perhaps Star Ocean may not be the game that does it, but MS isn't going to idly sit around and wait, the company has a very proactive approach in every it does. Time will tell.

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Capt CHAOS3598d ago

With the old xbox and PS2 sales rations 20:1 in favour of the PS2.

Now, the ratios are more like 2:1 or 3:1 in favour of the PS3 against the 360, that gap has closed. If MS keep this up (inc the FF XIII), they could match sales in Japan.

Kamikaze1353598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Have you noticed the shift in genre? PS3 seems to be a FPS console and the 360 is the RPG console. I hope next gen or as this gen goes on, things become more equal. Also....keep in mind that FFXIII won't have any effect on sales in Japan since it's still a PS3 exclusive over there. It's only on the 360 in the US and EU. PS3 exclusive everywhere else.

Hiruma Youchi3598d ago

It's only exclusive to the ps3 in japan and Available on xbox360 and ps3 everywhere else.

Kamikaze1353598d ago

It's PS3 exclusive in AU as well. US and EU were the only regions to get a 360 release.

solidt123597d ago

Yeah its weird. I play all FPS games on my PS3 and only JRPG's on my 360 (except Gears). Thing sure have changed this Gen.

GWAVE3597d ago

Keep in mind that the 20:1 sales ratio you're talking about was at the very end of last generation. We're into the third year of the current generation, so I don't see how the same logic applies.

Sayai jin3597d ago

No that ration was pretty much through last gen. Sony owned 70 to 75% of the market, leaving MS and Ninty to pick up what was left. You right though, this is different. Different systems, different market, and the 3 console makers holding different market shares. Sony stunned and wowed everyone with the PS1. Everyone said who are they to try to compete with the almighty Nintendo. Sony's young and hungry gaming division not only competed, but lead the way that gen. The PS2 launched and it was game over almost instantly. A lot of people say that the PS3 is selling about the same ore better than the PS2 did and look at what the PS2 accomplish. The statement about the sales are true, but it is a different time. Sony had a good grip on the market before Ninty launched there console and it was still inferior the the PS2 (as far as hardware). The MS entered the scene, but did not turn the turn the market much with the original Xbox. They were a new company and Sony really had a really good console with a good fan base. The Xbox came out later and had the latest and greatest tech inside, but that still did not matter. Everyone said it is about game play and not about graphics. Now we are here and MS put there console out first and had a lead in sales against there rivals. Everyone thought Ninty was crazy for not going next Gen(HD), but there console shocked everyone with it's sale numbers. So Sony is in unfamiliar waters. Does it spell doom for them. Hell no. This gen will just be different and this is a good thing, because I for one would not want to see any of the 3 console makers shutting the other two down. I can not remember a time when games, hardware, etc was an all out battle which each company trying feverishly to outdo each other.

All 3 companies have a different outlook for this gen. Ninty is at a all time high and has captured the casual market. The 360 is doing a lot better than last gen and is actually competing this time around, so I believe MS is very happy. Sony is looking more at the long run with the 10 year life cycle. They are not looking to leap over the competition right away. Who is right and who is better. I do not know, but I do know I am going to enjoy all the great games. And is that not what it's all about.

Death3597d ago

When do you think sales between the Xbox and PS2 were closer? I don't think the original Xbox even hit 1 million is Japan.


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Hiruma Youchi3598d ago

I want this game. Its normal for them to crowd around they want rpgs on next gen consoles and The x360 offers the most at this point.

Hiruma Youchi3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

do people always desagree for no reason? I said the X360 is the console for for Rpgs at the momment and I am not mistaking. just look at this following list I posted on Gametrailers a few days ago when the FF13 trailer came out. People really liked this list

rpgs on ps3

oblivion meta 93%
fallout3 meta of 91 %
disgaea 3 meta of 78%
folklore meta of 75%
white knight story 29/40 famitsu =72% (based on 1)
eternal sonata meta 80%
valkyria chronicles meta of 87%
last remnant not yet out but might as well be under 70%
enchanted arms meta 64 %
Mist of Chaos (Japan only) no reviews
Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi (Japan Only) no reviews

so that makes 6 exclusives on ps3 and 5 multiplatform
total : 11

rpgs on xbox 360

Oblivion4 meta 94%
mass effect meta 91%
Fable II meta 89%
Tales of vesperia meta of 81%
Star Ocean4 average of famitsu 34/40 = 85% (based on 1)
Fallout3 meta of 93 %
Lost odyssey meta of 79%
Blue dragon meta of 79%
eternal sonata meta of 79%
Culdcept saga meta 75%
Enchanted arms meta 69 %
Infinite Undiscovery meta 68%
shodow run meta 66 %
Too human meta 65%
Project Sylpheed meta 64%
last remnant meta of 66%
Ninety-Nine Nights meta 61%
spectral force 3 meta 59%
zoids and operation darkness 46%
Tengai Makyou Ziria: Haruka naru Jipang (japan)never reviewed
Absolute: Blazing Infinity (japan) never reviewed
Apocalypse disire (Japan ) never reviewed

so that makes 18 Exclusives rpgs for the Xbox and 4multiplatform
total: 22

Seems to me X360 is the console for rpgs at the momment. Jrpgs and american rpgs combined.

read disc error3597d ago

I agree.

However, you need to subtract one from the PS3 list. Valkyria Chronicles is not an RPG, it's an RTS.

callahan093597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles should be considered an RPG. Strategy RPG's are still RPG's, and it's definitely not an RTS in the sense of a Starcraft, Warhammer, or Warcraft RTS. It's an SRPG, and should be counted as such.

I do take issue with some of the games listed for the 360 though.

Culdept Saga is NOT an RPG. That's basically a board game/collectible card game. If you're going to count that as an RPG, you may as well count Eye of Judgment on the PS3. But neither should be counted.

Shadow Run is a first person shooter. It's not an RPG.

Project Sylpheed is a space-flight shooter. It's not an RPG.

Ninety-Nine Nights is an action/beat-em-up with scant few RPG elements. It's a stretch to call it an RPG.

Menchi3597d ago

VC is RTS? :| Since when?

VC is a TRPG.

callahan093597d ago

Oh, I see, we've got a phantom disagree here. If you don't think Valkyria Chronicles is an SRPG, then you don't know what an SRPG is. If you think it's an RTS, then you've never played Valkryia Chronicles. For one thing, RTS stands for REAL-TIME STRATEGY, as in NOT TURN BASED. Valkyria Chronicles is TURN-BASED! Get some knowledge between your ears, please.

Also, if you think Culdcept Saga, Shadowrun, or Project Sylpheed are RPG's, then you've never played them. Plain and simple.

It's unbelievable how many people on this site have no idea what they're talking about and still take the time to express their fallacious thoughts.

callahan093597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

To the two people who've disagreed with me so far, I dare you to explain to me how Valkyria Chronicles is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, when it is, in fact, Turn-Based. It is a strategy game, yes, but it is not real-time, and it IS an RPG (It is extremely heavy and reliant on story, it has specific, individual characters with real names that you get to know, play as, level up, and equip... how is that not an RPG?)

I implore you to explain to me how Shadowrun, Culdcept Saga, or Project Sylpheed could possibly be considered RPG's?

The fact that 4 people agreed with read disc error's comment that Valkyria Chronicles is an RTS is simply pathetic. It's not an RTS. Period. Plain and simple. Nobody who knows anything about the game could possibly think it's an RTS, when it's TURN-BASED. So why don't you reserve your opinion for things that you actually know something about, hmm?

Sorry to be so harsh, but I just hate it when people don't know what they're talking about and then express their views as though they have just as much of a right as anybody, when they're just simply dead wrong at best, and liars at worst. If you don't know what you're talking about, then don't throw in your two cents.

callahan093597d ago

I'll say it again: it's pathetic how many people on this website don't know what they're talking about, but talk talk talk all the same.

Argento-Nox3597d ago

@Hiruma Youchi

The most/best RPG's for the entire time the 360 has been out on the market, has been on the PS2. Did you miss FFXII, Odin Sphere, Persona 3, Persona 4 FES etc.? Maybe that would explain why the 360 sold less than the PS2 in 2008.

None of the games you mentioned sold a million units in Japan, yet Sony is pretty much assured of this when FFXIII and Versus comes out to PS3 in Japan. Anyone willing to bet that the 2 FF games will wipe the floor with SO4 and the top three 360 games to date, combined?

It's assured that 360 will be even farther behind the PS3 and Wii by the end of the year, so why is everyone bickering over a game we all know isn't going to do squat for the 360, other than give it a 1 month reprieve from being dead last?

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Says you3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Considering it doesn't have "Only on XBox 360" logo

here it is.

hey pumpin none of those jrpgs pushed the console its been four years and the XBox 360 still hasn't hit a million and you XBox 360 fans said that before for four years and none of those are even barely have any quality or get notice by the Japanese.

Kushan3597d ago

That makes it obvious, does it? Sounds like grasping at straws.

Plenty of 360 games have not had an "Only on Xbox" stamp and never made it to the PS3/Wii, likewise plenty of games DID have the stamp and ended up multiplatform anyway (Bioshock comes to mind).

Also, even if it really DOES go to the PS3 (I'm not discounting that it might, I'm just saying the "evidence" for it is more than a bit thin), you pulled the "extra content" part out of your arse.

pumpkinpunker3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

true, that the Japanese market has been sluggish but you want to know the highest selling JRPG worldwide on a HD console this generation?

Lost Odyssey. It's sales are approaching one million worldwide.

JRPGs will be successful on the X360 regardless of the sluggishness of its sales in Japan. Square-Ennix isn't dumb. they saw the success of LO on the X360 worldwide and decided that the X360 is the console of choice for most of their exclusive titles.

solidt123597d ago

Lost Odyssey is a great game. I have been playing that one most.

Foxgod3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

LOst odyssey is great, i am near the end of disc 3 now, the game became so addictive form disc 3, if disc 4 will be even better this game can be classified as remarkable.

@below, there also was infinite indiscovery and Tales of vesperia, those where received quite well.

Better then last remnant, altho last remnant isnt really a bad game, its just buggy.

Mozilla893597d ago

WKC came out about a month ago in only one country and I'm sure its well on it sway to catching up to LO.

Kushan3597d ago

And on that note, Infinite Undiscovery is a really really bad game.

Pootie Tang3597d ago

Just agreeing with the Lost Odyssey comment, game is awesome. Unfortunately it was reviewed before the reviewers got the final build or would have been way higher

definite must play, best RPG on the 360

Rhoic3597d ago

Lost Odyssey
Tales of Vesperia

Both of these are pretty damn cool.

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rhood0223597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Great hear we go again. Star Ocean will help the 360 outsell the PS3 for a few weeks and "news" sites will report on the "360's dominance in Japan and how it will turn the tide!" in the region. In the mean time, the rest of us paying attention will have a serious case of "been there, done that" having see similar interest in Tales of Vesperia and whatever other title SE put out that week.

IronAva3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Im going to get kicked in the head for this but here we go.....

Change said game(lets say its released on Feb 27), said country(I'll say the U.S) and said game system (PS3). Wow you get the same out come.

Note.. This was only a joke and I can care less about sales numbers as I will own both games when they are released.

Again this was only a joke.

Jazz41083597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I guess 360 fanboyz could say the same thing about Killzone2 if Starocean4 brings the been there seen that before comments?

Sorry IronAva i didnt see your comment when I wrote that, but in case they didnt get your point, mine is a little more blunt.