Sony aims to resolve PS3 shortages by May

Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America has told Reuters that Sony is working to resolve PS3 shortages by May and that the company is on track to have shipped 2 million PS3 consoles to North America by the end of March. "April or May is when we feel like we're going to catch up to demand and have product fully in stock across North America and stay there," Tretton said.

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NoUseMerc4437d ago

Why does he talk shortages when there are a team of guys that proved that many stores have plenty of PS3's in stock? This is the guy who said he'd pay out $1200 for a PS3 right?

shikwan4437d ago

Cause it's obvious someone at Sony needs their spark plugs looked at.

kornbeaner4437d ago

there are shortages in parts of middle america that we don't know about. In california it's not that hard to find one. you can just go about anywhere in a major or semi-major city and buy one off the shelf or pallet as they have them stacked on the Frys eletronic dept. floor.

TheExodus4437d ago

Nope, we have internet access in middle-America. If there were shortages we'd have let everyone know by now. There are only two reasons anyone who wants a PS3 doesn't have one:

1. Can't afford a PS3
2. Wife won't let you buy a PS3

TheExodus4437d ago (Edited 4437d ago )

Traditionally companies ramp up production to meed demand, but Sony seems hell-bent on decreasing the already anemic demand for PS3 (See BC & BDP-S300). Looks like they hope to stop selling the PS3 altogether by May.

sevenout4437d ago

In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, I have seen a lot of PS3's on the shelves, pretty much everywhere I go on my route. Not so with the Wiis; zero wiis.

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The story is too old to be commented.