HD footage of every multiplayer map in Killzone 2

D+PAD has put together a brief compilation video of every multiplayer map included in Killzone 2.

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jkhan3640d ago

Damn the multiplayer looks way better than anyother console game's singleplayer campaign o_o

Capt CHAOS3640d ago

Maybe pointing to a lack of lasting appeal?

arika3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

a metacritic overall score of 93% from 36 review sites and your saying "Yeah, just a shame that the game didn't score so high overall" . are you saying that gears of war 2 didn't score well too because it's overall score is also 93%? duh.... give it up troll. stop the hate.
also about you questioning the lasting appeal. lol! you are funny dude.. didn't you read the reviews where most of them were praising the multiplayer game more so than the single player campaign, and we all know that awesome online multiplayer will bring lasting appeal and longevity to any game no matter what genre it is.

Daz3640d ago

Who you replying to? did he edit post?

jkhan3640d ago

Mate you are telling me that 9.3 is a bad score? Wats wrong with you? I mean seriously? Do you really buy games based on review scores, damn you must have missed absolute classic titles ;)

Pennywise3640d ago

For someone who claims the game is no good, Capt. Chaos sure is in every single KZ article.

This game is going to be great. If you dont like it for whatever reason, dont buy it. We get you dont like it.... You have said it already. Act like Michael and beat it.

PotNoodle3640d ago


There are not even 40 reviews up yet, MGS4 and LBP have over 80 reviews.

Let them actually get the reviews up, ie wait till the game is actually out.

HighDefinition3640d ago

The game has scored GREAT for losing points for being exclusive to the PS3.

BlindMonkey3640d ago

Speechless at how immense and beautiful the levels are....

InMyOpinion3640d ago

"The game has scored GREAT for losing points for being exclusive to the PS3."

Are you sure it didn't lose points for having a whiny fanbase?

HighDefinition3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

The definition of a whiny fanbase is XBL.

Right now PS3 owners are the fanbase of a game that the 360 can`t do......which makes the hardcore 360 fans a envious fanbase.

It GREAT to see KZ2 do so well, for me anyway.

BX813640d ago

Does this include PS3 since this is supposed to be the best looking game? I just don't see it. It looks great but it's not the eye exploding visuals a lot of people think it is... well to me any way. Don't get me wrong I already pre-ordered and can't wait for the demo. I guess I'm really comparing it to uncharted 2. I saw the screen shots for the first time yesterday and I was really impressed with it. Any way can't wait to play KZ2!

Marquis_de_Sade3640d ago

Killzone 2 - 94
Gears of War 2 - 93
Nuff' said.

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Helghast Slayer3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Best looking console game till date. The soundtrack sound EPIC.

GiantEnemyLobster3640d ago

Why does every map look so brown and gray?

Helghast Slayer3640d ago

@ ^^^

I think your eyes are still damaged from playing too much Gears 1.5

Alcon3640d ago

Does anyone know if there will be weapons upgrades in the multiplayer (like CoD4 where you get a scope after X number of kills,...)?

PotNoodle3640d ago

There isn't, but there is a badge system that lets you earn upgrades for your classes.

Bren863640d ago

in the beta you could unlock an "improved scope" for the sniper but you didn't actually see it in the beta.

ReLLiK3640d ago

I dont believe there will be weapon upgrades..and if there are i dont beleieve they will be like upgraded scopes or anything like that.

BananaSlug3640d ago

but if it was...

WOW. just WOW.

DeZimatoR3640d ago

360 lovers, PS3 hater.

MP maps looking great btw :D

DixieNormS3640d ago

I don't see the difference going from one map to the other. They all pretty much look the same. Same atmosphere everywhere. Cold and dark. Either way. I cant wait.
ID. urladiessancho.

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