No Prince of Persia DLC For PC

IncGamers report that there will be no DLC for the PC version of the recently released Prince of Persia.

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AndyA3545d ago

I think Ubi should take a break from PoP. The franchise is looking a bit exhausted now.

miasma3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I am a big fan of PoP... But after finishing this last one, i dunno. Graphics were great though, nice refreshing direction. i traded that in quickly, didn't care if there was any dlc or not coming...

Leord3545d ago

Hehe, well, some things can be milked, other, well. Not so much =)

Actually, the PoP franchise includes some great games, but leaving it for a year or two to grow in people's minds isn't such a bad idea...

nirwanda3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

the ending from the end of game boss right thought to the conclusion of the story I though was the 2nd best story line i've witnessed this generation exception the bioshocks andrew ryan meeting, It's a stunning looking game in places especially the end boss with the water the looks so real but also alive, I also like the way some things look hand drawn rather the 3D like some of the inky looking enemy's

over all it is short but well worth playing just to see the ending

Dorjan3545d ago

PC is starting to miss out on quite a few titles... I don't like where this is heading...

TheIneffableBob3544d ago

Missing out? If anything, PC gamers are getting more titles than before. A large amount of previously console-only franchises are now being developed for the PC.

Also, not having Prince of Persia DLC is hardly "missing out."

Maticus3545d ago

I don't think this is a good sign for the game.

Charmers3545d ago

Most PC gamers didn't even care about the full game, I get the feeling we will care even less about the DLC.

Charmers3545d ago

Erm no it has nothing to do with piracy. If I recall POP wasn't even pirated that much. Yep that's right people didn't even want to waste their bandwidth getting this game let alone pay good money for it.

evrfighter3544d ago

correct answer goes to charmers.

Ubisoft actually released PoP without a DRM to prove how rampant piracy was. In the end it wasn't pirated all that much. It's just that pc gamers generally don't buy mediocre titles and can fall back to older games/mods/mmos to pass the time waiting for the next big release. while console gamers don't have much of a choice. And are forced to buy the mediocre titles if they want something new to pass the time.

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