D+PAD: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review

D+PAD: The beauty of Fallout 3 lay in its system of progression, a structural design that accommodated nearly every style of play and one that felt truly open-world without sacrificing a linear momentum. Operation Anchorage by comparison is, if we choose the most generous description, a significantly more streamlined experience. It's not as though we were expecting an entire new world of course (DLC is by its nature a very focused affair), but what this first DLC offering for Fallout 3 does is, through certain strange omissions, remind us how the original game built so well upon the foundations of both first-person and RPG conventions.

In essence, Operation Anchorage is everything that Fallout 3 wasn't; if Bethesda set out to surprise then they've succeeded. Seen as an antidote to the normal game these run-and-gun missions are, in a way, therapeutic.

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Jedi6663542d ago

must say it was a bit easy & short and just wish the capped level 20 would be sorted by now as reached this halfway through the game..