Update on Big PS3 Exclusive Today

Gamezine: "It's time to tease the announcement of some new information on a big PlayStation 3 exclusive."


[UPDATE] - If you didn't notice, the big PlayStation 3 exclusive was one of our most anticipated 2009 games - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

We'll let you in on all the details later in the day, but you can watch the trailers while you wait.

Moreover, please remember that we are a UK website: we were snug in our beds when the exclusive was revealed in America, so we couldn't let you know straight away. For that, we apologise.

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Sasanova3548d ago

gow3 09 release date maybe...or grand turizmo 09...maybe uncharted 2 since its more up to date...maybe heavy rain? maybe ffv13 to hit US in 09...OR MAYBE ok il stop there

No FanS Land3548d ago

I'll answer for you: next ICO game :P *crosses fingers*

Timberland2K93548d ago

Bigger than.. ... .. Killzone 2 or God of War 3

GrieverSoul3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Oh my god! A ICO game would be great!
Something along the lines of the original with Shadow of Colossus elements... ah... a man can dream!

´´...but he warns that we shouldn't turn this into a massive "megaton" announcement, as the news won't blow our heads off, though it's worth looking forward to...``

By these comments above I expect news from an announce exlusive. Release date for GT or Uncharted 2.

Jamegohanssj53548d ago

If I am not mistaking it's God of War 3. According to inside sources last month there would be more news revealed about the game this month.


techie3548d ago

I don't think we should get too excited.

Kain813548d ago

yes there will be a Press-event for GOW3, but its already dated for 10th.Feb. so i dont think that this announement has to do with GOW3

Jamegohanssj53548d ago

Ah thanks for clarifying that Kain. Bubbles.


will113548d ago

It's about time Sony gets a exclusive game

acedoh3548d ago

we will get an announcement of Jaffe's latest project... A new Twisted Metal... I can only hope that would be the case...

soljah3548d ago

yep that a real problem with sony. with so many studios world wide working on projects its hard to zero in on any one game for a anouncement,

St03548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I hope it's new info for War Devil, if it turns out to look this good then KillZone 2 has competition

Beast_Master3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

This is going to be significant but if you read Bloodworth says that it is not Mega ton. I expect a new Infamous trailer with a release date at the end. That is about all you can expect considering it is not a major event.

Or even better a release date of March put on Fat Princess!

thats_just_prime3548d ago

It could just be all hype too. Anyone remember MS big exclusive that was goin to change video game history forever ?

Mozilla893548d ago

If you read the article the guy from Gametrailers said don't treat it as Megaton news just some interesting new info you might want to keep an eye out for. Lets not blow this out of proportion.

jammy_703548d ago

where you bin? theres plenty exclusives coming and ps3 owners are all happy

duno bout 360 thou =/

majorsuave3548d ago

Cant we wait for the announcement to be made to call it news?

Xandet3548d ago

I'm putting my money on the new Steambot Chronicles, being as how it was recently revealed and the TC makes sure to tell us not to get our hopes up. Unless that's just a red herring, but I doubt it.

LoVeRSaMa3548d ago

"Megaton" was that not the name of the City that I nuked in fallout 3?

Possibly an announcment from the creators of fallout for another RPG :D

StephanieBBB3548d ago

Nice observation! Might be the Fallout 3 DLC thats been avoiding the PS3 for sometime now.

If it is, then I wounder if it's free... I heard that Sony likes free stuff give aways...

Beast_Master3548d ago

Again the article says PS3 exclusive. Fallout 3 is not an exclusive. It is either game play video that we have not seen before on a game we know about or a release date will be annouced. I would be shocked if it wasn't one of those 2.

cayal3548d ago

I'm guessing it is either something announced or something we already know is coming (like Ratchet 2)

FrankenLife3547d ago

It is Uncharted. Check out GT. One of their guys went to the studio and watched some gameplay footage, and some other stuff. Interesting, but not a huge deal

pain777pas3547d ago

Uncharted coop. IGN has the scoop now go check it out.

jakhtar873547d ago

What u people feel if it is


I wish to see the next MGS.

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Omega43548d ago

Arent Team Ico suppose to announce Ico 3 in feb

techie3548d ago

DOubt it's about Team Ico

Freak of Nature3548d ago

I hope that Team ICO do show something this Month as promised.As for this announcement I would hope for a new Jak game (far fetched,I know) or how about that game the BBC reporter raved about Months ago? Probably not as that would probably be Megaton...

Kain813548d ago

i hope its that. And i hope its a sequell to The Shadow of the Colossus

Hallucinate3548d ago

sony also said there would be new info on GoW3 in feb

Kain813548d ago

it the 10.Feb.2009, so i think that this announcment has nothing todo with the GOW3 announcment

Hallucinate3548d ago

Ahh ok so that rules out GOW3 then its prob ICOs game which is just as good =D

heyheyhey3548d ago

online co-op and 8-player gladiator matches for GOW3... as the rumors went... PLEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!!

jkhan3548d ago

Team ICO's game please.
Oh wait I think its Jak & Daxter announcement:|

Kain813548d ago

i personally prefer the Team ICO announcement, but a Jak and daxter announcment would be fraking Awesome too

Freak of Nature3548d ago

Bubbles to you both....jkhan & Kain81...For having fantastic taste.Anybody that mentions Ico and Jak in the same sentence has got taste...

Not a major "megaton",and with GOW3 getting a special showing on the 10th it most probably is not GOW3.

Possibly Ratchet and clank future 2?

I would love it to be the next Jak game,because we already know Team Icos next game is coming,and supposedly shown in some state this Month...

OK,just give me my Ratchet,Jak,Beyond good and evil 2,GOW3,Uncharted2,and Team Ico game,that's all I need...