New Assassins Creed Screens

Two New screenshots for upcoming Ubisoft title Assassins Creed for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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eques judicii4276d ago

so the date they are added says that they are new, but I'm pretty sure i've seen them before.. I think that they are simply captures from the E3 video.

NoUseMerc4276d ago

Only two of the images are new...the first two in the gallery

bouncybullet4272d ago

those are just captures from the old cgi video.

not even in-game.

eques judicii4276d ago

but even those are from the E3 video... watch the video again and you'll see what I mean..

techie4276d ago

Yuh seen em. I can't wait for this game!

USMChardcharger4276d ago

i could not believe when they announced they were putting this aside to finish GRAW2 and Splinter Cell 5.

maybe with GRAW2 hitting the store shelves soon they will start putting some people back on it.

i wish they had decided to bring this out first though.

anyone know of a release date they are shooting for?

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