PC World: Killzone 2 Review

Make no mistake, it's clearly a looker. But so what. At some point the visual novelty wears off and you're left with a game that either worked, or didn't, or fell somewhere in limbo-land between.

Which makes it fortunate that Killzone 2 not only works, but in most cases excels. Even its mediocre campaign improves if you treat it as the developer's intended – a series of pitched battles designed to showcase an AI that's at worst entirely competent, and at best, remarkable.

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Simon_Brezhnev3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

all he does is nitpick surprised he still gave it a high review since he called single player medicore

Timberland2K93547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Its a PS3 exclusive look at how under-rated uncharted drake is

Edit again

Why do they always have a dumb azz comment about how gray it is. In COD the colors are washed out and it just looks brown

CyberCam3547d ago

why is this guy reviewing Killzone 2 again?

Isn't it a PC hardware & software site?

All you have to do is look at the Reviews section of the site and you will see that there is no gaming section at all?

There is a "Software Reviews" section & a "Software Download" reviews section, but no "Gaming Reviews" section. Other than that is all hardware reviews.

I guess everyone is getting on the Killzone 2 train and I guess he doesn't want to get left out LOL!

MasFlowKiller3546d ago

OK this is wat i dont get why give it a high score and call the story medicore, i know its not cause reliable and even MAYOR Sony hating site like the story( Gameradar, IGN) so were does this put this review?

Tony P3546d ago

I can't expect Killzone 2 to get a 10 from a PC reviewer. PC has a much much richer history of FPS than consoles so it's expected.

Still, I'm not sure why they even bothered since K2 isn't a PC game.

Lich1203546d ago

I agree with above. Im surprised everyone is taking a 90 from a PC review source so negatively. Especially since he talked about the graphics being nice, even though Im sure this guy has played many great and amazing looking FPS. Plus, giving a game a 90 is now underrating it?! You guys haven't even played it yet and you're prepared to say something as high as a 90 is undercutting it?

sonarus3546d ago

Will you guys complain about every review unless its a 10/10

FrankenLife3546d ago

@ Tony P

Nail on the head.

Kleptic3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

yeah...this is actually the single best review i have read so far...he is not comparing it to other shooters...only points out its strengths and weaknesses in a fair way...

he mentioned a somewhat mediocre, or at least redundant single player...and that it had an almost flawless competitive multiplayer...and he didn't harp on a lack of co-op, as online bots ARE CO-OP (you and friends can play against bots...thats 16 player co-op...seriously...anyone that puts the marketing of co-op aside, and sees it for what it is...calls it exactly that...I would also expect a writer for a PC mag, assuming he has some experience with PC gaming, would understand this)...

he states the overall the moments of greatness in the single player make up for anywhere that it falls short...and that MP was nearly little digs about a dirty texture somewhere...awesome enemy AI only detracted by some iffy friendly AI at times...etc...

everything he said was well written, and backed up...easily one of the best reviews of any game I have read in a long while...

FrankenLife3546d ago


I can't speak for the others here, but I feel I am complaining about the score so much as the method for arriving at the score. If a attribute is important enough to dock the game points for, then all other games that of the same type with the attribute should also be docked points. If they are going to dock it points for the color pallet, then they should explain why they are doing so and treat other games with the same color pallet the same way.

If everything is consistent in the reviews, all the ducks are lined up, and the criteria for giving the score stays true from game to game, then I am a happy reader. It is like Yahtzee at zero punctuation. Even though his reviews are mostly useless, he doesn't tamper with his formula. If he wants his games to have something specific, then all games without it get slammed for it.

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thereapersson3547d ago

I didn't expect a 90, let alone a review from these guys in the first place.

BattleAxe3547d ago

I was just about to say the same exact thing. The reviews for this game have been absolutely amazing.

interrergator3547d ago

well u cant resist its beauty

Sasanova3547d ago

lol the cons of these reviews are getting more ridiculous by the article...i still didnt see 1 good reason, other then no coop, as to what exactly is wrong with the game...all i see is halo scrubs playing a rather difficult game and biching about it

AngryHippo3547d ago

.....and try giving one good reason it should get a 10?!

'all i see is halo scrubs playing a rather difficult game and biching about it'.

All I can see is a great game getting a great score.

Also I keep seeing little moaning Killzone fans that never seem to be satisfied unless its a 10 and keep biching about it.

A 9 from PC World is pretty damn impressive.

Vecta3547d ago

Have you even played the entire game? No? Then how can you tell if the game is overly hard or not?

You cant, all the reviews for this game have been positive, yet you still manage to find something to complain about.

AnttiApina3546d ago

I agree with above...Unless you have played the game, you can't review it yourself...Well maybe from the graphics.

Remember Far Cry 2? Awesome videos! But the game was dissapointment. I'll make my own mind when I'll play demo...Only few days...

Daz3547d ago

Tell me why it should get a 10? BEcause i havent seen why. Remeber dont cry other my opinion because im not bias Haha LOL.

Timberland2K93547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

what does it do besides put a 3 on it and sell because its so fuggin overrated

At least the first killzone didn't do so well so it doesnt just add a number to the series, and it improves ridiculously. You talk about why are we complaining about the scores well why are you gloating about them so much. if .1 and 2s dont madder get off

Now respond to that

Hallucinate3547d ago

yep ^^ hah that pretty much what halo did to get tens was rip off the 2 from the cover and slap a 3 onto it and gears 2 did that same thing

Daz3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Halo game did not derserve ten but it had great mutiplayer, great campaign until he last couple of level that was bad, i didnt like them. The story was good crap ending. Graphics where great in there own way art style. But why is this about a 2007 game again? But key its all my OPINION.

Also gaers 2 was the same engine, killzone 1 was ps2, killzone 2 on ps3 big diffrence.

2009 different year differnt standerds they are always changing, graphics engines are always improving also.
Because if a better looking game came out in the future it should get a 10 right? it just dont work like that

KIllzone 1 was a great game in my opinion. Key word OPINION.

Gloating about them so much because i think that most of them are right but there are some that i think are wrong like the site what gave it 6/10 thats just stupid :P but i dont see how 9 is bad.
I dont care what other people think because im going to get killzone 2.

Why should i get of news 4 gamers because 1 and 2 scores dont matter to me, this site is all about reviews you know.

i responded to it do i get a medal????.

EDit. You right angryhippo :)

AngryHippo3547d ago

Is a 9 not a great score?! In my opinion it is, along with all the 9.5, 9.6's etc. this game has been getting across the board. This game has turned out great.

I don't really understand your point of bringing up Halo 3, that was quite a while ago now, things change, new fps games have been released that have improved on Halo 3. Those scores for Halo 3 at the time were seen as justified (not in my opinion anyway) but quality of fps's have increased over the past year, and so people are more critical now than when Halo 3 came out.

' if .1 and 2s dont madder get off '. Not everyone on n4g takes review scores as seriously as that. You can understand whether or not a game is good or not by reading the majority of reviews, take the good comments with the bad and then create your OWN informed opinion on whether to buy the game or not.

I personally think the scoring system should be got rid of. If people want to know whether or not to buy the game or not, they will need to read the whole review and take the good with the bad. Some people really cannot handle any sort of criticism regarding certain titles, admittedly some complaints are just nitpicking, but some are justified and should not be ignored - (not necessarily regarding Killzone, just game reviews in general).

ChilliDemon3547d ago

It shouldn't get a 10. No game should. If any game deservedly got that, then there would be no way of making an even better game next time.

Daz3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Thats what i said in a different way and people dont like it :P.
which game shouldnt get a ten?.

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Graphics Whore3547d ago

For nit-picking I'm seriously surprised this got 9/10.

DomUltra3546d ago

Could have been worse, Killzone 2 could've completely failed.

Kleptic3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

why is everyone saying he was 'nitpicking' it to death?...nearly the entire first page was dedicated to its greatness...he only talked about somewhat unoriginal objectives and some iffy friendly AI at times...

but he then points out near perfect enemy AI (a big one, as everyone said the game would fall short there)...and that the depth of multiplayer is unmatched...

these are the kinds of reviews we need more in which someone justifies both the positives and negatives of a game...based on this review...I would argue that this guy will probably never give a game a perfect score...which is GREAT...that is how it should be...gaming journalism has no handle on what makes a game perfect...instead they argue that a 10 is a game 'that can't be improved in anyway'...wrong...ANY game can be made better...

this guy on the other hand approaches the game outside of this stupid fanboy battle...and says what it does well...and what it doesn't...and that in the end, its strengths easily make up for its weaknesses...

maybe its just that I haven't read other reviews from this guy...which could change it...but when you have Haynes on IGN pulling points from killzone 2 in visuals...when other games that DO NOT look better received perfect marks from his have a serious problem...

this guy simply touches on the graphics with 'its everything you have heard about, and then some'...thats all that needs to be looking game ever to hit a console...and poses a serious threat in major areas to ANY game...period...most of his review was centered on what people haven't had experience yet with...and lays to rest a lot of questions many may have had (the AI, the cover, the MP, etc.)... this...

he may be the single best reviewer in the business...

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