Spaziogames (Italy) Killzone 2 Review

SG write:

The single player campaign of Killzone 2 is a unique experience. Without redefining the canons of the genre, and though in its absolute linearity, it immerses the player in an environment of exceptional audiovisual quality and raging against the artificial intelligence unparalleled. Technical standards and skills in art direction set by Guerrilla not with fear, and after years of waiting we have in our hands a product that can finally demonstrate the enormous potential of your home Sony. A little sorry 'for 'narrative aspect, which suffers from too stereotypical characters and a protagonist by the low charisma, however good the emotional crescendo seen towards the end. The industry takes the best multiplayer deal of competition and the mixture with great skill, if the system class is in itself complete and fully satisfactory, the possibility to create custom combinations is unique in its kind, will certainly feel the lack of a method linked to the cooperative single player campaign, unfortunately definitively disproved by recent statements of Guerrilla. How anticipated at the beginning, the years of waiting be justified by the retail and the final product presents. attached to the recent Resistance 2, the work closes the circle Guerrilla shooter on the Playstation 3, initialling magna opera with a technical exception a multiplayer designed to last very long.

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Timberland2K93544d ago

Im saying it right NOW



Come Harder next time maybe on the 720

thereapersson3544d ago

Though I think if I read any more bad online translations, my actual English is going to suffer because of it...

Chuvanes3544d ago

wtf all i see in this site is killzone 2 reviews where are the reviews for the other games

dylandurden3544d ago

I'm italian and I know that site. It's quite good and they don't usually give high scores until they're deserved. Killzone 2 must have really impressed them.

Obelisk923544d ago

I' m italian too. I have to say SG is a pretty good site, they' re not absolutely biased. That' s the proof Killzone 2 is a must have.