PSP geared up for recording PS3 video and more writes:
"In a recent survey conducted by Sony, the company asked gamers what additional interactions they would like to see between their PSP and Playstation 3 system. Gamers surveyed were asked to rate each suggestion on a scale of 1-6, ranging from 'Not Appealing' to Very Appealing'. In this list, was the ability to record video and pictures, direct from games played on your Playstation 3, to share with friends and upload to the web."

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steriotyp3634d ago

that I am truly excited to see happen. The PSP is under appreciated, and while the games they do have are great, anything that expands on the interoperability is great in my book.

kapedkrusader3634d ago

...Sony just put out a survey and asked about 100 questions asking the reader to rate each suggestion. I know, cause' I spent a half hour doing it. Now, does this mean that they will implement everything they wanted me to rate? Hell no. Yet here come these articles claiming that the PSP is gonna do this and gonna do that, based on a survey. Then when the PSP comes out with a few of the best rated suggestions and not all, the same site hammers Sony down for not fulfilling what they "promised". Hook, line, and sinker. It's a pathethic way to generate news, which in turn generates hype, which leads to criticism with a dash of flamebait. I'm sick of it already. When will video game media just grow up and stay professional?

Cajun Chicken3634d ago

More PSP features the better. I'd love to be able to do that, I hope they just don't work on the highest voted suggestion.