Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy VII?

There were things in the Tetsuya Nomura interview with Gemaga that overlooked. Luckily, across the border from Germany is France, home to JeuxFrance, which fills in the holes in the Life data stream. Well, a small part of it is JeuxFrance's suggestion that KH3 is confirmed for PS3, but the bigger part is this clause that follows the entire "last direct" statement:

... because it is much of pressure and it thus prefers to work on the series Kingdom Hearts or a remake.

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kornbeaner4303d ago

i wanna see the remake to FF7. KH is a great game but FF7 is the game that made me like RPG's again and I would love to play it again with updated graphics and a revamped battle system. As long as they don't cut out the summons because they will look GREAT on the new hardware.

the_bebop4303d ago

If he ends up not working on KH3 then it would have to be a remake of FFVII unless there is some other game that he had taken part in that a lot of people would like to be remade. Unless Square-enix lets him remake some other game since they seem to be giving him alot of space to do just about what ever he might want to do.

Shadow Flare4303d ago

i want them to remake FFVII. Its my favourite game of all time and i think its the best game of all time. It would definately be absolutely incredible to play on the ps3

kewlkat0074303d ago

Yes The only reason I would buy the PS3 as of right now , only if I heard about FFVII remake...Not just for me but a lot of new kiddies never played the game.