$36 Million Virtual Reality Game to Train US Soldiers

The Pentagon has allocated $36 million dollars to develop an immersive video game/simulation that trains soldiers. The simulator would be used to assist soldiers in dealing with scenarios that arise in modern conflicts worldwide.

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Sasanova3598d ago

just pop in killzone 2, no need to waste all that money

socomnick3597d ago

:/ yea because sluggish aim, and eternal darkness is just how real war is right ? They are developing a realistic simulator something along the lines of vsb 1 and 2, both simulators derived from operation flashpoint 1.

Pebz3598d ago

Ah, just what the world needs, more kids being taught that killing real people is just like a video game.

"Join the army, play video games. Then kill people just like in the games!"

I guess they are desperate, people are getting tired of killing each other in the name of false ideals.

Zeevious3598d ago

Do you know that the percentage of death from Collateral damage (re-read as : innocent civilians) and Friendly Fire accidents (re-read as Shooting your own team or military) will be reduced with realistic immersive training?

There are lots of reasons to be against violence & wars, but none I know of to be against training your military teams to MINIMIZE that violence.

agentace3598d ago

its a simulation anyway not really a game, its how they train piolts already why not do it for the army

Pebz3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Fear, fatigue and real experience affect those things on a far greater scale than the ability to point and click on the right targets.

Also, you are more probably more likely to make a real mistake if you take the simulation for granted and think "it's just as easy as in the simulator".

A pilot simulator is more valid since a plane is practically a computer.

KarateExplosion3598d ago

Its obvious that you have never seen your squad leader freeze up because they do not know what to do. I say bring it on. It would be easier to learn formations, flanking, and bounding. Also it is kinda hard to get hit with a mortar in training or have them hit close to you obviously for safety reasons so they just throw rocks and stuff and say boom.

This sim would help train for the changing environments,enemies, and threats which US troops are being deployed to today. ITS NOT ABOUT KILLING ITS ABOUT things which could save OUR LIVES. BTW i am proud to be fighting a false war so that you can comment on n4g. Heaven forbid a plane, car, or person blows up in the place you work.

Sasanova3598d ago

well its rather easy if the people who are driving the plane are somewhat in control by your own government you work for. your fighting the war to increase american territory and in the process, lower gas prices, create american bases on foreign soil, and get control of their major companies which produce valuable resources. ofcourse, you wouldnt know anything about that since you are a highschool dropout brainwashed to fight for nonexistent causes blindly presented in a form they like to call "fight against terrorism". truth is, less then a 100 americans die a year from terrorist attacks when you have millions dying from heart disease and cancer...go fight for something a little more valuable.

KarateExplosion3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

But you have to have a high school diploma or GED to get into the military. With all those assumptions you seem to be the one with the high school imagination. Fighting for their resources was a good one but since we are trying not to become energy dependent that falls a lil short. That points out you are pretty selfish. If that 1 outa 100 a year was someone you loved you wouldnt be saying that and the fact that you don't think the children in the middle east deserve freedom. It is nice to have isnt it? Just not nice to give others? Its obvious you dont follow the news and just follow here'say.

And who are you to tell me what I am fighting for?

Sorry it just upsets me that people are so negative and so into their own lives. This is the last rant ill have on a GAMING post.

ps you dont drive a plane you fly it :P

Software_Lover3598d ago

Nice try.................. but you have to have a diploma to even be considered for the military. You sounded smart, but didn't research. -5 points for false info.

Pebz3598d ago

If your squad leader freezes up, it's more likely due to fear/adrenaline than lack of theoretical skills. No-risk simulations will probably make people more careless than anything.

And if you want to believe in the whole "war on terror", that's your choice, but please don't try to justify it for others with what-if scenarios like "it could happen to you", that is all to well used propaganda. Also, consider that "the news" are privately owned mega-corporations, with other primary interests than objectively showing things as they are.

This is not a personal attack on you, I'm sure you're doing what you think is right, but be careful about trying to enforce your view of things as the only right perspective.

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security." - Benjamin Franklin

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KrazyFace3598d ago

The only problem I have with this is how it works in reversal, for example, my cousin (7years old) is allowed to play games like CoD and as a result he wants to join the army when he grows up. Unfortunately his mother is one of those ignorant parents who don't "get" the age rating system on the cover of games because "games are for kids" and is allowing him to brainwash himself into the glory of war.
As it stands I think games like CoD have a desensitizing effect on children this young and lead to the wrong conclusion about the conflicts that are active today. However, if any government feels virtual training is worth the money then who am I to object, just don't get mad when troops start going on suicide bids because they forgot that this time it was REAL.

KarateExplosion3598d ago

The way they made this sound (like the fats machine) it will only be available for people in law enforcement or people employed by the government.
Its weird how kids can go from nickelodeon to cod cursing you out in the games.

nycredude3598d ago

Don't know what happened.

All they need to do is to pop in Socom Confrontation and Killzone 2!

GiantEnemyLobster3597d ago

This is training for the US military, not the Glitching military.

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