Will FFXIII be a victim of its own success?

Ever since the latest of trailer for FFXIII was released just a few days ago, which was the first display of the in-game battle system, many gamers across the internet have been crying foul.

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PixlSheX3545d ago

But i'm in love with Kingdom Hearts (FFVXIII) battle system.

Gue13545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

WTF are you talking about? What battle system of Kingdom Hearts? The one you have to press square from start to finish? How do you have so many bubbles? Are you a real gamer? What I am missing?

We haven't seen any battle system for FFVXIII yet... What are you talking about again?

edit: You sure have a really bad taste if you think the battle system of the Kingdom Hearts series is any good. =|

PixlSheX3545d ago

Since the game is directed by tetsuya nomura, and developed by kingdom hearts team, I'm guessing that the game is going to have the KH battle system.
Oh, so i'm not a real gamer for liking a battle system that you don't like? I think you are not a gamer. I also think you don't know how to read, since i put "IMO" on my first comment.

Kamikaze1353545d ago

FF VSXIII was already confirmed when it was announced to have a KH style battle system.

MasFlowKiller3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

no Versus will have the KH like battle system XIII has a turn base battle system, it kind of remainds me of the Crono Triger battle system just a little bit but i was disappointed with the last trailer.

Drano3545d ago

Man... I was reading your reply and I was just wondering... what the fµck is your problem?

Jump Beyond.

PS : It's just that, really.

Tony P3545d ago

FFXIII won't falter or fail. Not because I have some kind of 'faith' but because very few people know how to back up the big willy talk with their wallets. I highly doubt the naysayers have the conviction of character to skip a huge release like FFXIII. And even if they do, they'll buy Versus which I keep seeing mentioned in a positive light ever since FFXIII went multiplat.

SE wins regardless.

Superduper093544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I love the KH battle system too. It was very accessible to newcomers to the series.

ssipmraw3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

so judging from your name you play games on the wii, and your telling other that they have bad tastes in games?

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Sangria3545d ago

There is no doubt Final Fantasy XIII will be a huge sale success. It is hyped since several years now, the biggest shocking announcement of 2008 was the release of FFXIII on 360 and even a year before its release, it has become a real reference, even if there were only 15 seconds of gameplay on all trailers.

However, big sales does not mean good quality, Square Enix made a dirty job on The Last Remnant, based on Unreal Engine, the so-called "360's engine" and we didn't see any Square product on PS3. Will it be any good in a technical matter? Will Final Fantasy XIII deserve the hype or will it be the next GTA IV disappointment?

Why dis3545d ago

I was surprised how fast the FF video made it to #1 on XBL video rankings.

Gamers are not stupid they know when SE makes half assed games for them or go all out in effort for all platforms.

thats_just_prime3545d ago

FF games having been going down hill since FF7 was released. FF8 was the last good FF game made. Square put a huge effort in to FF7 it was their 1st time making a 3D game it was their 1st game that wasnt going to be on a nintendo system so they went all out all. I think SE is doin the same thing with FF13. Its the 1st FF game on a next gen system and this gen is really pushing the limits with many devs bring us great games. Its also the 1st FF ever to go multi plat. Plus this gen has seen a lot of changes in the kinds of games gamers are buying. So I think once again SE is going all out.

I'll admit when I 1st heard of FF13 I thought big deal who cares its just another game with FF slapped on it to make a quick buck. However the more I see of the game the better it looks.

Danja3545d ago

To be fair FF13 wont be a bad game the only prob I have is that SE will prob give us another crappy story driven experience , well not crappy but just rather dull ...

The combat systems looks really good and fluid and the cut-scenes looks great but the in-game graphics I must say I was a lil disappointed with how it looked either it was an old build or SE lied about there Crystal Engine..

it will be a huge success on both platforms , but damn just release the game already. XD

kewlkat0073545d ago

I love turn-based and it looks like a mix of some sort...

For me, Action based JRPG's are just MMORPG's, just button smashing for 90+ hours with a Magic button here and there..

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