Xbox 360 Releases of February 2009

From the feature article:

"If you've been dormant the last month and haven't ventured out to your local electronic store since you finished your Christmas shopping, then you should know that you haven't missed much in terms of video games. January was a slow month with only a few key releases spread out throughout, but there wasn't much that made waves. February 2009 looks to turn the tides and with the slew of titles readied for release, it looks like there will be enough to hold people over until the huge March releases currently set for retail. Out of all the releases this month we would like to know your top three choices, please put them in the comments section below, thanks!"

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Valkyrie833636d ago

A ton of good games coming out this month, good stuff; my top 3 are Street Fighter IV, GTAIV-DLC, and Star Ocean.....there are another 3 or so that I will be getting (F.E.A.R. 2, 50 Cent, etc.). I will be bookmarking this article, thanks!

UltimaEnder3636d ago

50 Cent? Have you heard good things about that game?

InMyOpinion3636d ago

Where is Ninja Blade? I honestly think that's too much for one month. The GTA IV DLC and RacePro would have been enough for me.

Graphics Whore3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

Just overwhelmed with TRIPLE A Titles, Hahah. Poor Jenzo.

Dude you know that's sad when you got nothing to play so you buy GTA4 DLC. At least buy Halo Wars or Street Fighter.

TheColbertinator3636d ago


Ninjablade is only for Japan this month,I think

InMyOpinion3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

You have some serious issues, man. If you read my comment again I stated that there are too many games coming out in February. It's no problem for you though, since you probably don't even own a console and wouldn't be buying any games anyways.

@Steven Colbert - Thx for the heads up! I can't believe Graphics Whore has more bubbles than you. Here, I'll give you some.

TheCagyDies3636d ago

Ninja Blade is listed for a March 24th release by Amazon and IGN.
In America BTW...

Fox013636d ago

Street Fighter IV, Bayonetta and Alan Wake is all I need this year (and maybe CoD 6; would have bought Killzone 2 but it doesn't have split-screen so I can't enjoy it with my friends...)

UltimaEnder3636d ago

Ninja Blade is in March for the US....

sak5003636d ago

@jenzo Thats what this site is about, these 20 odd sony lovers with 10 accounts each keep bubbling each other to have 7+ bubbles. Look at them trolling in 360 section and no reduction in bubbles.

ON TOPIC: I think 360 release having 4 exclusives including Star ocean, RacePro and GTAIV DLC can counter the attack of KZ2 in Feb although i wud prefer having an exclusive fps for 360 maybe with gears like graphics but 1st person.

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TheColbertinator3636d ago

How is that new 50 Cent game? I have not seen one review on it

NarFan3636d ago

GTA IV The Lost and Damned
Street Fighter IV
this will do

KKanjiAnkh3636d ago

Nobody checking for Star Ocean IV

InMyOpinion3636d ago

I change my to-get-list. Star Ocean IV is on the top of the list, of course. Missed it on the first read. Still, too many games for one month. I wish they would move some of them forward.

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