HipHopGamer joins the Broke Gamers for Vice Weekly 20 - Independence Day

"To celebrate the 20th episode of Vice Weekly, the notorious HipHopGamer joins the Broke Gamers for a very candid interview session. Not only that, but the guys talk about Square Enix's bad decision making, the Resident Evil 5 demo, why clowns should stop whining about PS3 Mandatory installs and much much much more!! Trust us people, you are in for a treat this week."

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KobeBryant3545d ago

Damn! I scored 61 tonight and then I come on to find you guys got HipHopGamer on the show? This show was off the charts man, I know its kind of late but my first basket was for you guys. What an incredible show.

Enate3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I wanna know what makes the other console shooters so special. I wanna hear it from this guys mouth that talked so much about all this bs. Halo didn't impress me for ish an Gears didn't invent a **** thing hell they didn't even invent the run an hide ish killswitch anyone. GTFOH he can stfu an gtfo the show. An we allllllll know every fps sells like Halo on the 360 right? right? no it sells like it does because its Halo. He is trying to say he loves these games on the 360 but because a good shooter is on the PS3 exclusively it doesn't matter to him now but he is just gonna get it. He is a freaking fanboy clearly an owning all the consoles never excludes you from being a fanboy. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard an the biggest excuse to mask being a fanboy because you wouldn't need to note that if you didn't feel you needed to defend your point in that manner.

Enate3545d ago

Wow that podcast was garbage they mentioned games as 360 exclusive that were multi plats an talked about nothing but 360 the majority of the time. An when they did mention something about a ps3 game killzone 2 of course the guy on the phone all of a sudden has the most negative opinion in the world. An on top of that they were drop dead borring the entire time. I'll stick to the step yo game up podcast.

Axis3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

As others have already said (yo what up Kobe - is that really you?) you make absolutely no sense in your comments because at what point did we even say anything negative about Killzone 2? I mean, I can understand if we did....but we didn't. Not to mention that we barely talked about the 360 and when we did, we complained about the things Microsoft did wrong with it.

So maybe you should listen again, pal.....and get your facts straight.

Thanks for listening though.

GaryofGamingVice3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I guess its like hip hop gamer said on the show, got some hate now, so we've gotten that much more popular Mel. Also like Mel and Kobe said, what show were you listenin' to friend? Its one thing to say you don't like it but its another thing to lie and take things we said on the show out of context because if you listened to the show then you know we didn't say anything bad about Killzone 2, we didn't hype up Halo, when we talked about 360(which we barely did) we had complaints and wanted Microsoft to fix the XBL interface especially since we pay for the service. By the way, 8bit told me there was a dude named Kobe Bryant on here and there definitely is, can only dream that its the real Kobe

You're welcome to listen again.

KobeBryant3545d ago

My man, what podcast did you listen to? I heard no Fanboyism in this show, it was great, they didn't even talk about 360 games that much, man were you tired or something, because I scored 61 points last night against the Knicks and was still able to listen to the podcast properly. You're clearly just talking crap and hating on my boys right now, because you're pulling stuff out of your ass. Listen to the Halo portion of the show again, they said there were better games than Halo 3 such as COD4, not that it was best. I guess its like they said on the show, they must be doing something right.

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The story is too old to be commented.