Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will have english dub

According to Siliconera, Final Fantasy VII: ACC will have english dubbing on the old and new scenes. There will be no english subs.

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LinuxGuru3543d ago

English dub = teh suckage

English subs = FTW!

ezcex3543d ago

That is so fvcking stupid. Who the hell wants to watch sh1t dubbed.

Dark_Overlord3542d ago

I'll always take subs over dubs

meepmoopmeep3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

what's this article talking about?

movies are edited a few times before release.
so i'm pretty sure the extended scenes already had the voice work recorded
but just didn't make it for the first release.

i don't see why they couldn't add Eng. subs to it, i mean, it wouldn't be hard.

die_fiend3542d ago

I know, surely at the very least they can get someone English to just write out what each person says. Although in the normal Advent Children, the dubs and subs were quite different, with the dubs sounding appalling and the subs being marginally better. The film's only really sweet cos it's got legendary characters and some of the best CGI. Whoever says 'Dilly-Dally-Shilly-Shally' almost ruined the film.

iamtehpwn3542d ago

Stop being Weaboos.
And you know, Unless you speak that language, how can you judge how good the dub is?

Japanese dubs are in actuality not better then English, they're rather on par. You can't judge the emotional thought put into a piece unless you speak that language, subtitles can't do that.

Quickstrike3542d ago

you are not alone. I also don't understand why people want subs so much. I would rather watch the action than read the text and miss exiting action on screen. Only time I watch subs for anything is when I can't find dubs of it.

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blikz3543d ago

no eglish sub? lame......

stealthy-guy3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

doesn't make much sense to me oh well.can't wait for the free demo!

play-asia RULES!!!!!!

EDIT:guys the R5 demo is live download A.S.A.P!!!!

twoface3542d ago

FF VII doesn't deserve this!

Tony P3542d ago

I don't like to hate on dubs, but I hate having no option.

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The story is too old to be commented.