Rumor: Resident Evil 5 DLC coming for PSN users

According to Shawn Baxter Playstation owners will be having DLC for Resident Evil 5. It is unclear at the moment if these contents will be exclusive to Playstation 3 owners. Shawn Baxter stated that more on the DLC will be coming soon. So keep you eyes open Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 owners.

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Chris Hansen4647d ago

After playing the demo, I know I won't be getting this game.

If you haven't already, please buy Dead Space instead of RE5. Dead Space deserves more sales than RE5.

DavidMacDougall4647d ago

Unless the DLC is new controls count me out

donator4647d ago

I'm downloading the demo as we speak. I only played the very first Resident Evil on PS1 and like 10 minutes of RE4 on gamecube so I'm coming into this whole 'tank' mechanic fresh. Hopefully my naivitae will make the controls more bearable for me than others who have extensive RE experience.

Liquid Snake4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

Agreed, also if the DLC doesnt include "Run and Gun" count me out aswell.

Ninja-Sama4647d ago

I think they mean content deliberately left out of the game so they can charge for it later. So control changes imminent it seems.

4647d ago
iNcRiMiNaTi4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

this game has a boob locator....what other game do u know has a f**kn boob locator!?....... =P

SCThor4646d ago

The gameplay KILLED the game. Most your enemies are fast as hell and Chis, a well trained soldier, move like a tower/tank.

This is what happens when high profiles games go multiplatform.

iNcRiMiNaTi4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

i can tell you've never played a resident evil game before. this is not because its multiplatform. this is because RE hasnt changed in terms of controls.

ThanatosDMC4646d ago

Is DLC starting to sound like extra pay for an incomplete game?

Shouldnt this content be in the disk when we buy it. That's just messed up.

SCThor4646d ago

So, I have somekind of idea about how the franchise evolved game after game. My favorite best, RE2, mostly because the plot and the whole extra games that tied the main plot. RE3 introduced new gameplay like dodging but keep being as scary as hell...I still remember crying and running like a baby everytime I hear "Staaaaars".

RE4 was a change, losing the scary part but introducing new gameplay,render,etc....the game was incredibly good for it's time.

RE5 isn't nothing different, not good for 2008-9 standard. What most people critics is that it feels like RE 4.5 and that's good.....if it were released on PS2,Xbox 1 or the Wii. It's very cheap for Capcom release a game with HD graphics, same gameplay,same enemies, repetitive boss fights (playing the demo it felt like playing RE4 extra games against Dr. Salvador).

Looks like you hi6hli6ht just played RE4 and not the previous games.

iNcRiMiNaTi4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

a well trained soldier, move like a tower/tank.

not all of them were well trained soldiers but the tank controls were always there. since u said u played all the other RE games, why is this one a problem for u? im glad they didnt sell out and make RE a full blown action game which is pretty much what everyone wants it to do. what did u expect, run and gun? might as well drop "resident evil" from the title then

then i see other complaints about how the zombies are too fast and theres not enough ammo but any RE vet should be able to get kill these enemies with ease.

SCThor4645d ago

-GTA3 San Andreas vs GTA3(the original)
-MGS4 vs MGS

Those are great franchises, that IMPROVED their gameplay game after game, only to make them better. Don't be afraid of change.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy4647d ago

I came in here to post the EXACT same thing

morganfell4647d ago

I think 'everyone' is forgetting how cool the controls were........circa 1999.

Of course by 'everyone' I mean the people hyping the game like it is the second coming as if it could possibly offer some consolation for not having Killzone 2 on their console of choice.

IWentBrokeForGaming4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

if Killzone 2 is generic been there done that gameplay with a fresh paint job, as you claim is the problem with RE5... then it also will NOT be the 2nd coming of christ and I personally won't find it that great!

RE5 follows a similar formula that won Capcom more than enough with the release of RE4 and the earlier editions. Killzone 2 needs to be the the winning formula for a series that wasn't even noticed till now. Killzone 2 needs to prove more than RE5, it has nothing to do with console of choice as your PS3 programed mind would have you believe. RE5 is a established franchise, where as Killzone 1 didn't live up to expectations and Liberation I heard was okay, but is only limited to PSP users. So that leaves KZ1 to be the main installation as MOST people know of the game, and people KNOW how that game went over. KZ2 looks great, and I'll be on the demo since it's release on thursday... up until I get my hard copy on the 27th. But KZ2 is looking to be what the series needed to be all along. I personally feel KZ2 should've been a remake of 1 to truely do the game more justice so more people could follow the series where as most people aren't aware of the story as they most likely backed out of KZ1 when it released do to all the negativity surrounding the title. I personally never owned a PS2 but am buying KZ1 for my 60 gig PS3 to catch up and see what it's all about. But the KZ series don't have enough seniority to even hold a candle to the RE series!

"Multi-console gaming FTW"

Live = Xbox360me

morganfell4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

The difference is that Killzone 2 isn't the been there done that with fresh paint. You are wrong. Period. First indicator you played neither the first game nor the beta.

The "done to death with paint" is simply one of the only claims these ridiculous sites can pull out of their ass in order to convince the public the game doesn't deserve a 10. Haven't you noticed how they mimic each other like crows on that point? Yet the game offers a first person cover mode. When has that been done to death?

Gears cover mode was stolen from Killswitch, there is "been there done to death" for you. Vegas became a puke fest of the Gears cover mode - done to death. Done to death in almost every game that used the Unreal 3 engine. And then in games that took their look from Unreal 3. It has been repeated ad nauseum in far too many titles yet Gears 2 received a pass on that.

And no one screamed that HALO was a been there done that of Marathon.

Did the "been there done that" occur in that last few months? Gears 2, which is so much like the first one it isn't even funny, did not receive that tag.

While we are talking about getting a pass, everyone admits the Killzone 2 MP is outstanding but Gears 2 was flat out broken at launch. A fact that didn't stop reviewers from damning SOCOM while giving Gears 2 a pass.

No, Killzone 2 is a lot of things but it isn't broken. Killzone2 improved on the first game rather than keeping a broken mechanic the way RE clings to the busted shooting/not moving mechanics. It's a new era and that doesn't wash anymore than software 3d acceleration or floppy discs.

PixlSheX4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

FYI, Resident Evil was suposed to be a survival horror franchise. And now what it is? It's a damn action game. Last RE I enjoyed was RE3.

I liked RE4 so much but, unlike killzone, it's still a good FPS.

I know, a lot of my friends aren't going to buy RE5 bc they know it will be like an action tps, not like what it is suposed to be.

IWentBrokeForGaming4647d ago

my personal favorite of the series is the remake of RE1 for gamecube, still is a breath taking game even by todays standards. Especially the shark tank area where you run into Neptune!.

But if you liked 4 so much and 5 is pretty similar, how could you have so much hate for it? Im baffled!

Danja4647d ago

Im still getitng RE:5 even though it seems like RE:4 with HD graphics i've been a huge fan since the PS1 days..

I played the demo and the control scheme is very similar to RE:4 , I ust dont see how everyone can now hate RE:5 bcuz it's similar toone of there fave games from last gen.....

the only thing Capcom should have done..with the controls is given us total control of the camera....

RememberThe3574646d ago

The problem is that the controls take forever to get used to. They feel really awkward the first few hours. But after a while I got used to them and the game got really fun. Give it a chance instead of jumping on the hate bandwagon.

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chasegamez24647d ago

i will not buy this crap
it will flop

OGharryjoysticks4647d ago

Resident Evil is a "name" game. People will buy it. People buy movie licensed games all the time because they are familiar with the name and story. Same thing here. Funny thing is after playing the demo I honestly think I've played some movie based games that were better, and movie based games suck.

chasegamez24647d ago

there will be a lot of disappointed people

Shaka2K64647d ago

Extra DLC, content that couldnt fit on the stupid dvd of the lastgen.Box 180??

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaha!!!