GameSpot: Infamous Updated Hands-on -- New Island, New Powers, New Enemies

GameSpot writes: "Seattle-based Sucker Punch's upcoming Infamous aims to offer up an interactive approximation of what it's like to be a superhero. The open-world game is an original title for the PlayStation 3 that's been making waves for the past two years at Sony's press conferences and assorted events. We recently had the chance to try out an updated version of the game that let us run through some old and new missions as well as check out an all-new island that makes up another section of the once shiny metropolis of Empire City."

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i_i_n3546d ago

I must say, those are some good looking screen shots. This game is something i'm definitely going to keep my eye on (I have somewhat since I saw the 2009 PS3 exclusives trailer) because it seems like it could be a good game that a lot of people may miss out on.

T-Baggins3546d ago

I have wanted this game since it was announced, I love reading new info about it

lokiroo4203546d ago

not to hype this game up but its looking like its going to be what the force unleashed should have been. game is looking damn good, better everyday.

Dipso3545d ago

Whats with the constant Force Unleashed comparisons? Shaved head...yep. Electrical powers ..yep
That's were the similarities end.

Dipso3545d ago

So few comments here for a very revealing article about further developments in this title, its sounding really great. I'm amazed out how minimal the attention is for this exclusive.

C'mon you can all get off the Killzone hype train now..the stellar reviews are in and now there is nothing left to do but wait.