Gamespot: Killzone 2 First Impressions

Gamespot has just released their impressions prior to their upcoming review. They discuss both the single player and the multiplayer.

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LittleBigKillzone3549d ago

That one guy in the hat is a major douche.. he said how Killzone 2 controls are bad and how the graphics look "above average"

DK_Kithuni_713549d ago

... and sat in his chair like at 10 year old.

Blackmoses3549d ago

You guys are quick, I haven't even heard the guy talk yet but just the look of him had me rollin'!!! I mean WTF!!! The!!! then the really nasty looking facial hair doooode!!! Really?! Really!!? Doooooode!!!!!

rucky3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I'm gonna retract my early 9.5 prediction from Gamespot after seeing the retards reviewing the game.

"Dhhhuuuuuur yhurr the grufix uure hideousss dhuuuuur..."

Halochampian3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I thought it was a very well done video. I'm glad to see they are taking their time and not rushing the review.

I also thought it was good to have a guy that absolutely loved it and another guy who had some complaints. It was a good mix. Reviews and impressions are suppose to have criticism in it and that is what this vid brought.

OhReginald3549d ago

The guy in the middle= hes cool hes gave resistance 2 a 9.0 which was much deserved. Hopefully he can sway the both of them to give this game at least a 9.0 or even a 9.5.

The guy on the right= hes pretty cool. Hes openly gay and gave mgs4 a 10.

The guy on the left= he could go suck a huge **** for all i care.

Marceles3549d ago

Can someone hit the guy on the left with the tin collectors edition of Killzone 2 in the back of the head please? Make sure his hat falls off too, god...

"the textures lack in detail and...are just hideous and the player models...are just hideous and the lip just hideous"

If they let him keep talking, "and the just hideous and just hideous...and..."

Shut up.

dukadork23549d ago

gamespot is now jealous douche central.
it's great fun to watch, and it's even better when you actually have played the beta and know how full of sh!t that beret is on the left.


Danja3549d ago

that douche in that thing they called a a f-ing loser...the graphics looks above

I expect nothing less than a 9/10 from GS they wont push there luck this time..

Blaze9293549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

lmfao. I dunno why but your comment made me laugh.

Guy in the middle looks like some impatient kid just WAITING to hop out his seat and say something.

Halochampian3549d ago

*looks at my disagrees*

I guess people who havent played the game know more than people who have.

rucky3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Yeah it's a good idea, I wonder if they did the same thing to other 360 exclusives titles as well. Face it, it's Gamespot just being Gamespot.

LordDhampire3549d ago

Yeah that guy was a big doucher, you can tell he's super biased

Eddie201013549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

That guy in the hat is the ugliest character model I have ever seen. He probably thinks Halo character models were the best he ever seen, most honest people would say the Halo character models are pretty bad.

In My opinion the character models in Killzone 2 Are some of the best I have ever seen.

Seems this guy had his mind made up before ever seeing or playing the game. Also the middle guy seemed, from his comments, to have played the multi player more than he was letting on.

I played the beta and anyone who plays this game without fanboy bias is going to think this is one of the best FPS games they have played.

Another thought, there was a invite only beta for Killzone 2 , surely someone at GameSpot was able to get into it. Also... Fine, they need extra time with the multi player but do they really need 3 weeks. Does it take them that long to review the multi player of an RTS game like Command And Conquer: Red Alert which has pretty complicated online play.

Millah3549d ago

That guy just sounded like a complete douche, the way he talked and everything.

Kleptic3549d ago

well whatever...most has already been said about him...I don't care what the fecking kid dresses like...I'm more concerned with him saying 'the character models are worse than oblivion'...or something to that nature...which is simply a blatant lie...

that is completely false...nothing else to say about it...and these are even bad pics for killzone 2...

jakinov3549d ago

They use full RGB which make the textures lower quality and blacks darker... they said they use full RGB range in their comparisons. And from what I heard u don't use full range RGB unless your TV is supports that range.

ThanatosDMC3549d ago

They're waiting for everybody else's review so they can give it a number that no one will whine about.

OT: Did they stop making Bonus Round episodes?

Kevin McCallister3549d ago

Hat guy looked to be kind of angry by the end of that video, with his arms crossed and all. Doesn't he look like Doug's sister Judy?

Eddie201013549d ago

Was that a hair piece, or a hat, or a cow patty? I just can't tell.

Why dis3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

And it looks like he eats his boogers and wets his bed lol.

DeadIIIRed3549d ago

This loser needs to take off that flaming beret or whatever it is because it is obviously cutting off circulation to his head. Sorry John Edwards, this guy is officially the biggest douche in the universe.

na2ru13549d ago

So that at least explains their absence and justifies the claims of biasness. This is actually making 360 fans embarrased.

That alone makes me certain enough that Killzone, like many of us predicted, will be put through double standards, but to me is nothing short of awe.

Helghast3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Come on GameSpot just give us your 7/10 review already.

We all know it's coming, and I'm sure they will mention a slight graphical error somewhere and then blow it out of proportion and then say "Other wise the graphics are on par with other shooters"

IGN is really the only review that counts. I'm sure GG is flattered that the 360 fanboys are going crazy over their masterpiece. Pretty much any AAA game that gets a low user metascore means should be bumped up to 10/10 user score since it shows that fanboys are jealous and even think that particular game is awesome.

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DK_Kithuni_713549d ago

Gamespot may be picking this thing apart. They are taking their good time. Such a shame. Just finish the review and score the game. How hard can it be? Have this ever been done with any other game? I smell something rotten. I think they will give it a low score.

Halochampian3549d ago

did you watch the vid? They said why it is taking so long. That they need more than 3 hours with the multiplayer.

jackdoe3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Lol. Coming from the people who wrote reviews based on ad sponsorship, that strikes me as funny.

-edit- Gamespot defender eh? Haven't seen one in a while.

thebudgetgamer3549d ago

i tend to respect reviews more when they take their time. regardles thogh this game is gonna be hella fun and thats why we play games


TheIneffableBob3549d ago

Reviewing a game while having only played the single-player and barely any multiplayer is just bad practice. It's like playing halfway through an RPG and then reviewing it.

d_dogg20073549d ago

There taking their sweet time yes but not to really give it a fair and balanced review put to nit pick the sh*t our of it. Come on they didnt even do this for gears of war 2 and that online wasn't just bad it was unfreakin playable until 2 weeks ago. Killzone is delivering and its finally showint the game journalism true bias towards playstations. Lets just say gamespot lost even more credibility, if they even have any left, by putting that guy on the left in the show. Above average LOLLLL WFT! if its the only game this gen on consoles being compared to a graphics wh*re like crysis then you know the graphics are more than above average.
What a douche.

Rock Bottom3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Do you actually believe that?

Take more time with it my butt, they have the review code game since late December, they already had their time with it.

The thing is, well, take a look at N4g's front page, see how many Killzone 2 reviews are there, now imagine one more review, now what's the chance that someone who came here looking for a KZ2 review to read would go for the one from GameSpot? I know they are a big site and all, but there are way too many other big sites reviewing the game right now.

Now let us say this same guy came after two or three days from now to read another Killzone 2 review, checked N4g's front page and there was only one review, only GameSpot's review, you see, that's why they are delaying their review.

So, unless they're gonna wait for the game to be released(27 Feb) and see how the real Online mode holds up, they're just delaying their review to get more hits once they release it.

And just in case you were wondering, since you seam to care for your "Disagree" count, I don't hit the disagree button. ;)

Eddie201013549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Do they need three weeks or even a week to make up there mind?

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Graphics Whore3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Hahah! That guy is just nit-picking it so bad. "I think it's lacking in consistency"

"The graphics are just above average" What a douche bag.

"The Character Models are the ugliest I've seen some Oblivion" LMFAO.

Wow Gamespot, if you have an ounce of dignity left within the Company, fire this douche.

happyface3549d ago

right on dude

guy on the left is so bias

good job spotting the bias

chidori6663549d ago

*******fear of gamecrapspot********

resistance1003549d ago

Why won't it let me view the video. Whenever i enter my DOB it comes up with 'incorrect date format'