Rumor: Friend codes, 16 players online for The Conduit

Nintendo Power promised the scoop on The Conduit's multiplayer mode, but a few early details have apparently been released. If the latest rumors are to be believed, The Conduit will support 16 players online and will include friend codes.

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qface643597d ago

hopefully the friend code bit isn't true i don't mind friend codes as long as i can have an ok experience online

Product3597d ago

if the online is good i dont mind friend codes.I can get friend codes from around the net,like here i know alot of people who would be great to battle.You guys know who you are.

Gr813597d ago

I'm with you Product, I don't see the FC's as too big a deal especially if the game has smooth online like MK. Plus with Wii Speak, this is sounding like a great time.

Product3597d ago

I just think of it as these devs are trying so hard to make this game for the fans by the fans so im confident that their online setup will be great.MK was really good but i feel this online will actually be better since they are looking to fans for so much inspiration.

ChickeyCantor3597d ago

It is a pain iin the @ss simply because both need to input a FC.
Nintendo really missed it with this one. They have parental lock and yet don't use it as, let's say Microsoft is.

It annoys me that Nintendo came up with such a lame, pathetic solution.

Now i'm not really against FC but they are SLOW.
I rather type in one code and or recieve one and just confirm. Not wait till some one gives me feed back trough a PM or phone call that he or she added me too.

Mario kart works great in a sense, but i've only added 2 people do my friendlist.
It's just sad.

jackdoe3597d ago

Friend codes would make no sense for such a product, especially if the game is, I assume, to get an M rating.

LeonSKennedy4Life3597d ago

The only people that would memorize friend codes would be hardcore gamers... the one's that buy M rated games.

TheColbertinator3597d ago

That really sucks.Still I have to get another Wii before release

SinnedNogara3596d ago

I will challenge all of you when the game comes out and we will all exchange friend codes!!! My Wii Name is IGNITION!!

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The story is too old to be commented.