How broken is the current Game Review process?

Should you really be taking any notice of Game Reviews anymore?

Is the whole game review system not giving us what we want, a non biased review of the latest, greatest game of that time?

It probably is looking back at some previous reviews. Lets take a look back in time.

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rucky3544d ago

They just need to take out 360 fanboys in reviewing PS3 titles and voila it's unbroken!

GWAVE3544d ago

The problem is that there isn't anyone to hold reviewers accountable. Worse yet, a "controversial" review gets as many site hits as a legitimate review, and sometimes it generates even MORE hits.

But no one holds the media accountable. That's just how it is.

Aaron Greenterd3544d ago

Gaming "journalism" is in a very sad state. There is absolutely no consistency from game to game, review to review. There is no standard, and reviews are no longer about "reviewing a game for what it is", it has now become "review it for what it's not".

Ratchet and Clank: ToD - no multiplayer, too much variety
Uncharted - no multiplayer
MGS4 - cutscenes are long
Killzone 2 - no co-op
Warhawk - no single player campaign


Gears - 10
Halo - 10
CoD 4 - 10
GTA 4 - 10

etc etc

The list goes on and on, and the point I am trying to make is reviewers these days will forgive 360 exclusive games because of bias (i would know), forgive multi-platform games because they are multiplat, but ps3 exclusives get crapped on.

Every generation there are those that want Sony to fail. Yet this is exactly why Sony will succeed, because eventually people start to see this type of behavior with outlets they've always trusted, and aren't willing to accept it anymore.

Sony must be doing something right if reviewers consistently feel the need to be so inconsistent.

cmrbe3544d ago


Heavenly Sword - Too Short.

N4360G3544d ago

The current game review process is very broken.How can great exclusive games on the PS3 get such low scores? If they were Xbox 360 exclusives they would all get 10's like crazy.This has got to stop now!!

Sarcasm3544d ago

Yup and the ones who complain "Killzone 2 is only 8 hours" disregarding the 4 hour campaign of COD4 and 5-6 hours of Gears of War.

Doppy3544d ago

The gaming industry is broken as a whole not just reviews. The biased media and journalist, the overwhelming fanboys, and overall hate is ruining the industry. Its being broken down bit by bit, and what makes it so sad is that instead of being positive about everything we have, we find something to complain or argue about with one another while everyone else bandwagons right along with it.

Its gotten to the point where I rarely check the comments on articles, or read article for that matter, because a majority of them are negative, and used just to get hits.

Chubear3544d ago

There's a poll about this very matter on there. Check it out and post a comment or just participate in the poll.


3544d ago
pswi603544d ago

"When will this madness end???"

right around the time you buy a ps3 and get Killzowned!!!!!!

trancefreak3544d ago

agent vx it really baffles me how you get away with being such a flaming ahole in the gamer zone calling out sony fans with ever post.
you really belong that way >> but for now u can suk my azz

Sarcasm3544d ago

Agent VX, go please your wife instead of complaining about PS3 fanboys when you're one of the worst 360 fanboys ever.

DeadIIIRed3544d ago

Shes finding attention elsewhere ;)

soxfan20053544d ago

I don't get it. Many people who claim that the gaming media is biased are the same ones who proclaim a game to be "greatest game ever", even though they have NEVER played the whole game, while the reviewers have played it.

I know this may sound crazy, but before you form an opinion, or criticize other's opinions, shouldn't you actually play the game first?

Hype seems to bring about a sense of entitlement among fanboys.

FrankenLife3544d ago


It isn't about a good score bad score. It is about consistency. Keeping their standards, standard. If one game is going to get knocked for no co-op, then other games in the genre should get knocked just the same. Be honest in story critique. Giving Halo 3 high story marks is BS. Say what you will about the gameplay and the multiplayer, the story was mediocre at best. But it is ok for it to have a forgetable story. FPS aren't known for their stories. RPGs on the other hand, have to have a great story. One of the recent complaints that I am tired of is the color pallet. Urban warzones aren't known for having flashy colors. What do they want, magenta buildings? If a game is trying to look realistic, then they are going to stick a color pallet that is realistic for the setting. Bright color pallets are used as eye candy. They make the game more enjoyable to watch. If the developer used other techniques to make the game pretty, then what is the problem? Then the reviewers don't ding all games with the same color pallet the same way.

As somebody on here already said. The reviewers don't necessarily review PS3 games overly poorly by default. It is more like they have "beer goggles" for 360 games.

Apone3544d ago

Heavenly Sword - Too beautiful

BobDog3544d ago

yes but those stated ps3 exclusives have all been released, some of them received average scores, and the people who bought those games all thought they were fantastic

InMyOpinion3543d ago

Yeah, cause it's not that you are blind fanboys. It's the Internetz that is teh biased...

Rampant3543d ago

Weren't MGS4 and LBP the highest scoring exclusives of last year?

prowiew3543d ago

This is one of the most ridiculous read I had in a long time. That why there are a tons of sites. A review is just an opinion of one person. If you really are buying based on reviews, then read different reviews. IGN, 1up, etc doesnt give scores based on every team member opinion. Is just one person. A game could be a 10 to you and a 2 to me or viceversa. People just complain for the dumbest things. And if you think a website is biased to you, then read another. Simple as that.

Tiberium3543d ago

What site are you talking about dude? Examples please.
Just because everybody isn't slobbering over killzone 2 or the other ps3 exclusives doesn't mean they are sony biased. Tell me something- what is so hard about RESPECTING OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINION. America still is a democracy right? If you don't like what one site has to say, go to one that you like, it's that simple. In the real world people disagree with you, deal with it.

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BulletToothtony3544d ago

i don't understand how this even makes sense..

It's simply double standards, but sometimes these people with websites forget the only point that's important..

I'm gonna enjoy this game to the max on my hdtv no matter what they say and how much they hate the ps3..

they can keep their perfect gta4 which nobody plays anymore..

InMyOpinion3543d ago

GTA IV is a sandbox game which handles huge drawdistances and a ton of objects on screen at once. At the same time in incorporates an advanced physics engine for both characters(natural motion) and cars.

On the other hand Killzone 2 sports meticulous detail, advanced smoke effects, lighting and overall polish. No FPS games come near it and no sandbox games have come near GTA IV.

I think both games deserve a 10 in the graphics apartment.

N4g_null3543d ago

You know part of the problem is that you guys yes every one uses review scores and not the actually reviews to buy games.

Seriously these are all paid ads for each and every game. If they are not paid then their are phone calls made saying "come on man give us a break! We need one 10 from you.".

Seriously Fanboys give these reviews power. If USA today reviews a game I'm betting no one cries over it.

Another reason why reviews don't work is the simple fact that they don't take every one into consideration. Right now every one is saying casuals are killing gaming well elitism is actually what is killing gaming. Before the console wars was a bunch of kids now it's people over 21 who will hold grudges for a long time. The Idea is that their opinion is what matters. maybe this is a product of market expansion. Most game reviewers just don't know who is going to be reading their articles.

bomboclaat_gamer3544d ago


i wanna cry.

killzone 2 got 9.2 out of 10.

i dont wanna live anymore. ima go write articles about bias reviewers now

komp3544d ago

Killzone2 is just mentioned as it is one of the latest games to be coming out. It applies to all future games. It has nothing todo with the fanboy side of it. Reading past the headline usually helps empower the reader!

bomboclaat_gamer3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

i know u wrote this after the review got on the site. if KZ2 got a 10 i dont think the writer would write that article. ur a fanboy and u dont even know.

@below.... lol. u made me laff to bomboclaat. good one, bwoy

LTC3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Bomboclaat gamer cussing ps3 boyz no? U is a pvssyclaat because KZ2 raas ya claat.

Blurrclaat tsk.

Aaron Greenterd3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Killzone 2 has a metacritic of 94 with 100 from X-play and 96 from gamesTM still outstanding.

The author makes a valid point, but a troll like yourself is too busy "smoking the green" and trying to attack readers for seeing the truth which obviously you aren't happy about.

Why don't you go back to your Sony Attack Force site (which I pay for by the way) and cry hardar

bomboclaat_gamer3544d ago

who gives a hell how much killone got???
if its a good game get it and form ur own criticisms.

it clearly shows what fanboys u r

Aaron Greenterd3544d ago

"who gives a hell how much killone got??? "

if it got a 7/10 you would be here telling us how much of a flop it is, the ps3 sucks, etc etc. the only reason you are here is because of its high scores, and you want us "fanboys" to suddenly believe the gaming media is no longer biased.

"if its a good game get it and form ur own criticisms."

it comes out the 27th noob, i have it pre-ordered just like the rest of the internet.

"it clearly shows what fanboys u r"

and your comments tell not only that you are a fanboy, but in fact what kind of fanboy you are, mr. eX Believer Of Truth.

Crazywhitie3544d ago

Let the Fanboys Rage on, Killzone 2 won't Flop if it gets a 7/10, It's going to Flop because it won't Sale like a Xbox 360 Title.....Xbox 360 Player Tend to Support there system in game sales more then the PS3... Yes Sony as a Great System but they don't know what to do with it... as where Xbox 360 has Crappy Hardware but all the Software you need... Game Reviews don't mean that much anymore, when you got a guy out there like hiphopgamer spitting his PS3 crap, but acts like he's un bias.. give us a break.... The only reviewer you should listen to is yourself.. If you want a game bad enough Buy it, if your not sure about a Game Rent it...

LeonSKennedy4Life3544d ago

Could I get a reference to your formal education system?

I'm looking to settle down in a nice quiet place where my kids can grow up and "get teached English real good"!!!

You actually typed the word "boohoo". Who does that?

bomboclaat_gamer3543d ago

i dont see u making comments about guys who say the word noob. is noob a word?

no its not. which shows that u just want to attack me. i have no time for u tho

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Helghast Slayer3544d ago

I think sony should not allow the 360 loyalists to review their exclusives. Obviously they have nothing better to say than biased nonsense. The double standards are starting to show and after Killzone2 i don't expect another fps to ever get a perfect score.

ElementX3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

LOL, people rate sites as "360 fanboys" or "PS3 fanboys". What matters is the reviewer. Each site has multiple people reviewing games. If site X gives Halo 3 a 10/10, it doesn't mean the same reviewer will also review Killzone 2. Maybe the person reviewing KZ2 doesn't like it very much, so they give it a 8.5/10. It doesn't mean the site is biased, just that different people are doing the reviews.

BTW this is a blog and shouldn't be submitted. N4G should get a new name, such as B4G, Blogs for Gamers. There are more blogs posing as "articles" than anything on this pathetic site.

pswi603544d ago

call me old fashioned, but i think ElementX is a 360 fanboy.

one person writes an article about media inconsistency and these 360 fans cry even guys can't stand it when a ps3 game gets the high marks it deserves.

as someone stated in another thread, "your tears taste like 20 year old scotch"

ElementX3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

LOL. I stated in a previous post that I used to like 360 but like PS3 more. Get over it. You try to smear someone on N4G? How sad is that? I haven't played my 360 in a while.

Read this:
Post #35


pswi603544d ago

defensive are we?

here is a link for you

Dmitry Orlov3543d ago

@pswi60: C'on man! Remember the time when R2 and Gears2 were getting their reviews? EVERY ps3 fanboy on this site thought it was he right to go to Gears2 section and to spam on multiple accounts how the game 'sucked'. Nothing like that happened with R2.

@all: KZ2 isn't getting 10/10 like Halo 3 because time passes by and demands rise up. When Halo 3 was released it was cool and awesome. If you look at it today (like it was released today) it would be 8-9/10.

But still, ps3 fanboys have lived the hype made around KZ2 (remember the article "KZ2 has better graphics than Crysis"?) and when the game doesn't score 10/10 everywhere, these pathetic people try to commit a suicide. Oh, wait.. There is still God of War 3 to hype..

My point is: you made the hype and expected an IDEAL game. nothing is ideal - there are always flaws somewhere. now, when you realise it by looking into the reviews, you cry.

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