Jolt - Killzone 2 Review

The UK website reviews Killzone 2 and gives it 96/100.

"Killzone 2 does not exude a brave ambition that seeks to lead the first-person shooter genre in a revolutionary new direction; it's obvious from the outset that Guerrilla Games never intended for its sequel to reinvent the FPS wheel.

However, considering the worth of a lengthy campaign offering genuine challenge, thrilling local multiplayer with A.I. bots, and a layered online multiplayer component that's likely to be PSN's main point of attraction for the foreseeable future, it's clear Killzone 2 has taken the ever-so popular wheel, slapped a gorgeous chrome rim on it, drastically reduced its tyre profile, and applied a sense of balance never before felt on a wheel. Why then would anyone want to reinvent the wheel when the damn wheel never looked so good or rolled so well?"

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sonarus3549d ago

lol dat site that gave it 6/10 is starting to look a bit like a troll

PirateThom3549d ago

Only now?

There's numerous reasons given in the comments why it shouldn't have been counted. It was failed 6 times and brought back from the dead.

Liquid Snake3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

i got my reporting previlages taken away from me for 3 days for reporting it on 6th time.

Note to self never report a story because you might get banned.

sonarus3549d ago

Its still considered a valid review. If one guy was looking for attention or trying to get hits or whatever there is no evidence of this. Its still a valid review so everyone who reported it deserved to have privelages taken. Its a 3 day old story would have been gone by now but you guys just couldn't stop reporting it and now its lingered on for 3 days

SupaPlaya3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

how do you suppose we find "evidence"? This is not meant to knock on your comment but it is one of those things that I feel like they are doing, but you just can't prove it because they can't say "it's a different reviewer", "it's just an opinion".

Is it even possible to get such "evidence"? If I were to become a journalist and purposely nitpick on a game because it is not on my system of choice, how do you prove it? If not, then basically you are saying that every review is valid no matter what it says...

sonarus3549d ago

General consensus is that KZ2 isn't just a great game but a fantastic one. But even with that its quite possible that one site didn't like it. Imagine if edge turns around and gives the game a 5/10 (something they are very capable of doing) do we all of a sudden report the review as lame?

Everyone has the right to an opinion even if the opinion is SH!T. N4G doesn't make the news they just post it up censoring bad news is fanboy BS

SupaPlaya3549d ago

Thanks for taking the time to reply and
I appreciate the different point of view. Have a bubble.

Aaron Greenterd3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"Everyone has the right to an opinion even if the opinion is SH!T. N4G doesn't make the news they just post it up censoring bad news is fanboy BS"

That doesn't mean we have to accept or acknowledge that opinion as valid. n4g is a community driven site, and the community spoke out on that review, period. The fact that a site admin put it back up to 8 times shows that their own beliefs are not allowing the community to choose what it accepts as valid.

35+ reviewers have stated that Killzone 2 is 9-10, yet 1 site has to be the smart @ss and give it 6/10

100's of people reported that review because of the way it was written, that the reviewer was shaving points off for ridiculous reasons, yet 1 smart @ss admin kept putting it back up

i hope you can see my point. there is a reason for sites like Metacritic and n4g, so that 1 person cannot have a monopoly on game review scores, or news.

sonarus3549d ago

The reason the mods are there is not to interfere with the real community but to filter out the negative effects of fanboys

You have absolutely no right to report a story just because its not the story you want to see. As long as there is 1 member on this site who wants to see the story then the news should be posted up. Anything besides that is censorship which is exactly what you do when you report legit news simply because you don't like it.

I have been on N4G for a while and i have seen the site change in many ways. Stories that should fail get approved and stories that should be approved get failed. An example would be the sony puts foot in mouth with Killzone 2 demo article. That article was based on poor facts and the title of the story was changed. It came from a blog who probably posted the review up themselves. They want to appear neutral for their website but play into the fanboy drama on N4G by changing title of a story which is clearly against the guidelines but that one got approved and the clown even tried to post another story claiming social experiment. This is why N4G is becoming a joke. But i like a good laugh so i enjoy it here:D

The site with the review now looks stupid for having the lone low score and making it so ridiculously low again. Let them wallow in the

Aaron Greenterd3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"The reason the mods are there is not to interfere with the real community but to filter out the negative effects of fanboys"

what's the "real" community Sonarus?

I think you will find that this goes both ways as you eluded to in your reply, but I think you need to examine what exactly you are trying to say.

Either n4g is community driven, or it's not. You cannot have it both ways.

"As long as there is 1 member on this site who wants to see the story then the news should be posted up."

So if I'm a 360 fanboy and I'm the only 1 who wants to see "Sony is doomed" articles day after day, then it should be posted?

This is where the console war takes place, period. If you want unbiased and unfiltered gaming news on the internet, good luck finding it anywhere.

gametheory3549d ago

You can't compare EDGE, one of the most important and popular game magazines (regardless of its complete lack of credibility), to a no-name website. If that's the case then ANY website should be allowed to score a game. That website couldn't even pay its own hosting, it used to belong to an important Norwegian network of tech websites (when it had credibility), but then it got flushed by its corporate owners (automatically losing any credibility). By going indy they could basically allow any fanboyish outbursts to be published on the main site.

Either that, or more reasonably, they needed funds and therefore, in order to raise their advertising income, would need a very controversial article to drive lots of hits to their website. Obviously if it was a 9 nobody would have complained, not because people would have considered it legitimate, but because it would have never raised any eyebrows as it would have fallen in line with the rest of the reviews (that would be wrong anyway). If that means other websites should be removed from N4G's metascores, then so be it, but let's not pretend that two wrongs make one right.

sonarus3549d ago

Well 360 fanboys were enjoying all those articles but they were getting stupid because none of them was saying anything new. It was "The PS3 is doomed", then "Is PS3 doomed", Why PS3 is doomed" When will the PS3 be doomed" This is the yr of doom" Just same crap in different flavors.

Reviews are different though. Those are opinion articles reviews offer useful info about a game. I didn't read the review so i don't know what exactly was in there but regardless of it was written by a 360 fanboy as long as they have a site and they are not a blog there is no reason to fail them. The site is community driven but in all honesty there are just too many fanboys here. Submitting and approving fanboy agenda. I Wish we could have news that wasn't just fanboy agenda after fanboy agenda

Lets end the discussion though because we are essentially off point. But if the majority doesn't like a review that doesn't mean its not news. This is NEWS 4 GAMERS and not PS3 fanboy approved news for gamers

pswi603549d ago

"I Wish we could have news that wasn't just fanboy agenda after fanboy agenda "

then go to another site bro, it goes both ways. because someone pays $7 for a domain and $20 for a host they have more credibility than a blog?

At least bloggers know they will be taken with a grain of salt, the problem with gaming media sites is they push their agenda thru an image of professionalism. At least here we have some say in what gets put across.

You want to take the community aspect out of the community Sonarus? Just because you think you are different you really aren't; you have your own agenda just like everyone else, wake up man

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LTC3549d ago

Another high score on Metacritic

SupaPlaya3549d ago

This review didn't start off with how KZ2 doesn't do this or that. We ask for fair reviews, and this looks like one.

Congrats to GG and all the good developers out there.

Liquid Snake3549d ago

yes they are. They gave Resistance 2 90/100 on Metacritic so they must be.

cmrbe3549d ago

i expect KZ2 deserves. Just my opinion. Its great that they didn't expect KZ2 to reinvent the FPS wheel. Funny quotes as well.

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