PlayStation Live - Killzone 2 Review

The Hungarian webmagazine "PlayStation Live" reviewed Killzone 2, praising it with a perfect score of 10/10.

"Negative?Good question. None. In, which is intended, is simply perfect. There is no similar war FPS on the market! A new benchmark was reached, one may only conclude this for everyone to see, hear and feel- even those who are far from this style of gameplay. THE GUERRILLA, long after the E3 2005 Trailer, showed what the PlayStation 3 is capable of.
If you are interested in or what the machine can do, just walk (rather run) in the appearance of the day and buy one at the nearest shop!
Ah, suddenly I remembered a negative! Unfortunately, not a multiplatform title, therefore, who does not have a PS3, must also take account of buying the machine. Believe, it's worth it!"

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DK_Kithuni_713549d ago

I'm so gonna get this game! Pre-ordered in mid December. Come to pappa!

M-Easy3548d ago

You're welcome.

Timberland2K93548d ago

how does that taste

are you ready for halo wars xd?

gametheory3549d ago

Too busy approving garbage fanboy websites with troll scores? Shouldn't she be approving legitimate websites and scores? Oh well, that's N4G for you.

Blaze9293549d ago

gotta agree with you on that. never heard of no Playstation Live

sonarus3549d ago

Catastrophe is actually probably the most fair and balanced mod on this site by FAR.

Aaron Greenterd3548d ago

I'm sure your opinion of her is accurate Sonarus, but why she did what she did I will never understand.

Maybe she was trying to be too fair and balanced, and underestimated the power of the PlayStation 3....

grantps33549d ago

I preordered it december of 2007

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The story is too old to be commented.