Games Beefjack would like to see: Beat 'em ups

Beefjack Writes: "In each of these articles I usually start by talking about a game or a type of genre that I have personally enjoyed in the past. An example being in the Campfire feature I talked a lot of about Manhunt, simply because Campfire will (hopefully) fit into the violent genre that Manhunt was in. So this weeks article of Games I would like to see I am going to talk about a genre I grew up with. Beat 'em ups."

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pwnsause5110d ago

i would like to see a Streets of Rage remake, or a final Fight Remake, or better yet, a real golden Axe Remake, not that Turd that Sega released last year. Sega failed last year. instead of advertising the hell out of Valkaryia Chronicles, they Dropped money on two turds, that crappy golden axe game, and sonic Unleashed (Sonic died 7 years ago around the time when the dreamcast passed away.)