Peter Moore shows Nintendo-envy; prepares to embrace the casual market

With Nintendo leading the way in casual games, Microsoft's Peter Moore explains his company's strategy to grab their fair share of the market.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Microsoft corporate vice president Peter Moore and newly-appointed strategic advisor Don Mattrick spoke to the magazine regarding Mattrick's new position with the company after leaving the position of president of EA's Worldwide.

But the focus of the interview soon shifted to Moore's assurance of Microsoft's intent to win more of the casual market. In a rare example of exhibiting deference to a competitor within the industry, Moore praised Nintendo in its dedication to creating a "fun" gaming experience:

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power of Green 4252d ago

Envy?!, companies need to make money their not envyous. LOL, If MS wants to make cute and cuddly TV AD's let them do it, if they wan't to make more baby games let them do it, if they wan't to make casual family/party/wemen games let them do it.

Envy is a moronic thing to lable MS as, whom even thought that up needs to get their head checked as this smells like some malice driven spite news or at least the header seems fishy. MS respects Nintendo and their visions because MS and Nintendo share" the give the consumer great home entertainment dream and it's not completly about money with them.

ownallconsoles4252d ago

it's not completely about money with them? LOLLLL

Made my day... good night.