Gamestop going Insane? Can only buy new titles if you Pre-Ordered

Gamestop going Insane? Can only buy new titles if you Pre-Ordered

One gamer tells of a nasty experience he had at his local Gamestop. He went to purchase MLB 2K7, only to be told that as he had not pre-ordered it, he could not take it home. The Gamestop employee also implied that as of next week, the store will NOT sell games to anyone without a preorder for the first 2 days of a new release.

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Chagy4433d ago

that is so messed up $h!t.

MoonDust4433d ago

When Crackdown was released i called them to see if they had it in for me to buy. They told me only pre-orders, I thought to myself, ok?... i just went to buy it somewhere else.

SEAN16174433d ago

you see what happens when one company can make all the rules they become money hungry whores lol

Lucidmantra4432d ago

What does this have to do with Microsoft?

GameStop is infamous for getting the preorders plus 2 and maybe 3 extra only. If I don't preorder and they don't have it I goto Best Buy. or Game Crazy and they have it. I love how people are pissed about a system which I have been told about ever time I go in there and say hey I really like Super Pony Andventures 3 and they guy goes ok well preorder it and you are guaranteed to get it for $5 that goes toward the price of the game or you might not get it because alot of people have preordered that already. Or they will say ROFLZZZ OMGWTF Super Pony Adventures 3 you need to preorder that because we might not even get a copy of that crap. The moral is that every Gamestop that I have been in (about 13) they same the same things to me everytime. So this shouldn't be a big issue.

Martini4433d ago

Went to EB games to get the Crackdown and they asked me if a pre-ordered. I said no and was told only pre-orders at this point. Went to target next door,got the game and they had 8-10 copies on the shelf. FU eb games !!

grifter0244432d ago

Funny didnt understand when he said he "Laughed in the kids face" did he laugh in his own face or the worker??????? People are going crazy wait till some AAA titles come out then let the Flood Gates of Hell and Chaos open and see how much BS can happen...

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The story is too old to be commented.