Metal Gear Online Servers Going Down

Konami has announced that the Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence online servers will be shut down in North America on April 2, 2007. Released less than a year ago, it seems the Metal Gear Online community wasn't strong enough to sustain interest from Konami to keep internet-based play up and running.

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TheMART4276d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

And that's the horror of a non unified network where game developers can do what they want.

And there you see the power of the 360 premium Xbox Live. I can still play Halo 2 online, or any other game if you like. Even PGR3 is out, I can play PGR2...

Prepare yourself for Resistance to be shut down right when they think it isn't nescessary anymore to push the games sales with the online component. Pathetic network Sony

@ timmyp53 (below)

Come again dude and now with facts. Also read what UrbanJabroni says below you. It's true what I am saying and you know it

BubblesDAVERAGE4276d ago

It has nothign to do with that....there arent many users on there...socom one still goes online and socom 2...3.....dont blame sony...have u played that gameonline...garbage

TheMART4275d ago

Doesn't matter how much there are online. Those people probably think the game rocks online if they're playing it.

On XBOX Live, even if there are only 2 people around the world that like a game to play against each other, it works. Because of the unified online service XBOX and XBOX 360 have. Even better for example Halo 2, original XBOX users can play with XBOX 360 users.

Till the end of times, as long as XBL excists you can fire up your game if it has an online component.

So I am not talking about a specific game now. I am talking about the online service of Sony. The game developer all has the power, which sucks. If the developer has no interest in the game/selling it anymore it'll shut down the server. If there are few or many users, doesn't matter. It'll cost them money to hold them in the air and they don't earn anything after some time because the game is not sold enough anymore... Try to understand how it works Sony fans

ReconHope4276d ago

Halo.Hahahah. That's like the equivalent of comparing the mutiplayer of the two games. What did you really expect?

timmyp534276d ago

I wonder if was anything like Portable Ops or focused more on stealth? Snake Eater probaly would blow that thing out the water if they made an online component.

BIadestarX4276d ago

What do you mean don't Blame Sony? People I present you the fate of every single PS3 game. Why should one blame Sony; well because Sony does not offer a unified service where developers can use Sony's server or network in order to make it worth keeping alive. This is to be predicted, konami has no incentive or reason why they should keep online service on for a game they are no longer making a profit of. Why should they? Only Sony fangirls believe companies like konami will be willing to subsidize the cost of these servers even when they are no longer making money of the game. Here is what's developers are going to do with PS3 service when it comes to online support, they will have multiplayer and by the time the next version comes out or if they are no longer selling games in order to make hosting these games profitable they will be taken down.
This has nothing to do with microsoft being better or being able to do it for some misterious reason but for the simple fact that xbox live is not free so xbox live user have the right to vote with our wallet if the service sucks. Lots of old xbox games are still online even if the original xbox it's no longer being sold.
When you get something for free you have no rights you can complain. Here is what's funny the PS2 is still selling more than any other console in the market, this game is not old and they already shutting it down before the next versions comes out... and there is nothing you can do, you have no rights, you can't complain, you opinion or what you want means $h!t. Welcome to Sony Playstation Network, "Play Beyond" ... uhhh... well... while individual developers care to maintain the servers.

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