Possible: Eight Days & Getaway Resurrection? If Killzone sells good maybe!

You probably remember some talk of the 3rd installment of The Getaway, for the PS3 & some of you may not remember, but the ones who did, Eight Days. I personally never was a fan of The Getaway series and when Hiphopgamer asked me to write this story, I will admit, I was a bit skeptical, but now, here I am...

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jwatt3571d ago

I would love to see eight days come back!

PoSTedUP3571d ago

the getaway is an awesome sandbox game, i loved how if you crashed the wrong way it would mess up your steering, totally realistic. and the story and game play was awesome too.

eightdays looked awesome

if i had to choose between the two, id choose The Getaway.

marinelife93570d ago

I forgot how good that game looked. Eight Days would take the graphics crown.

PixlSheX3570d ago

But Getaway have a fan base.. so.. if sony could revive one of this two games, i'd choose getaway. And if getaway come back to life, i know it would sell a lot and then they could finish eight days.
Good plan isn't it?

sonarus3570d ago

Damn it. I saw the title and got all excited and then i saw the source:(

If this was only from a credible source

Hydrolex3570d ago

Awesome games with awesome graphics actually

Danja3570d ago

I loved the 1st Getaway , didn't really enjoy Black Monday as much , but I was hoping I would have seen the game on PS3 since the footage they did show of the game looked great..

but im all for 8 days coming back..that trailer looked awesome as hell...

Consoldtobots3570d ago

I will say that these games weren't "cancelled" and instead "shelved" for completion down the line when there are less big name titles in the pipe.
You'll see both these games in 2-3 years time. That being said this kid is the king of speculation passed off as actual news.

cayal3570d ago

The concept of Eight Days sounds awesome. I hope they either bring this game back (and Getaway) or implement it in another game.

king dong3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

HHG and his sidekick hydro.

perhaps people should wait for confirmation! anyway, 8days does look good, but after the let-down of the getaway, and it's sequel, i wont be getting hyped like i did all those years ago.

plus, seeing how long it took to do the first one, i wouldn't expect a new getaway until just before the next olympics!

peace to all the mutherfuking G's

Mainman3570d ago

Eight days please.

There were only 2 games so far this generation that I was hyped for. One of them was MGS4, the other was Eight Days.

I was really disappointed when I read Eight Days was canceled.

Doppy3570d ago

I agree the 8 days tech demo looked fun as hell, and I would definitely want to play it. It looks like a super fast action packed Uncharted.

Unfortunately I haven't played any of the Getaway, but it looks like GTA set in Europe.

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grantps33571d ago

i was already going to get killzone day 1, but now i think ill get 6 copies.

uie4rhig3571d ago

so i am good to go :) now just hoping that at least Eight Days comes back.. don't really care about the other one.. coz ive never heard of it, or seen anything of it :P

Rise Of The Bad Guy3571d ago

Neither on of these games has been canceled indefinitely,expect to hear about 1 of them at GDC

Raoh3570d ago

i don't know about gdc but yeah i believe it wasn't canceled but put on hold for a while

everything i've seen so far (which is only a little bit) seemed like it had great potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.