RealGamer: Skate 2 Review

RealGamer writes: "EA scored something of a surprise hit in 2007 when they released their open world skateboarding game Skate. Many thought it wouldn't be able to stand up against Activision's Tony Hawk games but it did! Now it's back with Skate 2, but does this new game build on the success of the first?

Skate 2 is set five years after the first game you have just been released from prison after your mysterious disappearance from the skateboarding scene at the end of the last game and New San Vanelona is a very different place to how you remember. MongoCorp has moved in and rebuilt the city and clamped down on the once thriving skateboarding culture, capping rails, and hiring goons to hassle and bust skaters. Now it's up to you to rebuild your career and revive the once thriving skate culture in New San Vanelona."

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