GameCyte: Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

GameCyte writes: "In anticipation of the game's March release, Capcom has unleashed a two-level demo of "Resident Evil 5" on Xbox LIVE today. The demo features both single-player and co-op gameplay, and showcases some of the game's promising features -- and potential flaws.

As we experienced in a hands-on demo at CES, playing with "Resident Evil 5's" new dual-character design can be quite enjoyable with a friend at your side, thanks to interface options like constant access to your partner's inventory, health, and ammo displays. The new levels available in the official demo help to show off even more of the co-op features awaiting "RE5" players: When a player is grappled by a hostile, he can still flail at the thumbstick in order to break free, but it's quicker (and healthier) if his partner can knock the enemy loose. Similarly, if a player's health is nearly depleted, he will begin to stagger about, and will eventually bleed out unless his partner can revive him."

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