Blend Games "Dear Resident Evil 5 Demo: You Suck"

Steve West from Blend Games writes:

"You, Resident Evil 5 demo are an abhorrent piece of garbage. I'm sorry, I take that back. It's late, we just had a falling out and emotions are running high. The high res – but all too shiny – graphics along with Chris' tree trunks for arms just showcase how bad the control scheme is for RE in the modern gaming world. The so called "tank" mechanic has been improved with a better camera, and I thoroughly enjoy quick mapping items to the D-pad for ease of use. But then you immediately break that advancement in design by having me equip a knife and then moving the camera to an angle where it is impossible to see anything."

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Marcello3545d ago

Althou i hate to, i gotta admit this guy is right, if this is how RE5 plays then i am gonna cry. We have waited 5 years for this game & it turns out like this :(

Mainman3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I havent played a Resi game before. I played the Resident Evil 5 demo and didnt like it. It's the controls.

StephanieBBB3545d ago

Just tried it out with a bud over PSN with the socom headset and that rocked! Much, much, much more fun than playing alone.

The no walk and shoot aspect is pretty lame but if thats how they want it then we have to accept it like it is.

Drano3545d ago

Playing with an AI is just unbearable. "HELP ME! HELP ME!" Burn in Hell Sheva, survive with your own bullets! In Co-op this game is just great but... the Solo experience sounds like it's gonna suck. Man, I already move like a retard because I can't strafe, can't my partner just stop firing all her ammo at the god-damned walls like they were candy?

Headshots and Punches, that's the way to go. Not "Ten Bullets in the belly then beg for ammo".

The game is great... in Coop.

Jump Beyond.

Max Power3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

downloaded the demo, i might give it one try, but this doesn't sound like it will be my cup o' tea.

EDIT: ok, just played the demo and it is a no go for me, it just didn't feel right. oh and i waited right next to a 'zombie' with an axe to see what he did, nothing for 10 seconds. Also, does anyone else think that guy on the mega phone in the first level (sorry just deleted the demo and i don't remember the level name) looks just like the guy from COD4?

HolyOrangeCows3545d ago

Threads made into blogs, made into articles, need to STOP getting approved.

ThanatosDMC3545d ago

Did an N4G member write this? Hahahah... it seems so...

XGRaViSmOrSX3545d ago

if this game was still based on the room to room survival similar to the RE1/2 days than i could see the tank controls and no walking while shooting as being a gameplay mechanic to increase the sense of tension.

after playing the demo last god. i think capcom needs to figure out what kind of game they want to make. if they want to make a third person left for dead then the controls are horrendous. the swarms of zombies coming out you on top of the tank controls, bad camera and wonky shooting its a no go for me. not to mention having to hit x to run.

co-op isnt enough to warrant me spending any kind of money on this game. at least KZ2 is gonna be worth the wait. instead of a RE4 remake.

andyo133545d ago

and as this is the first re game i've ever played i think the controls are suited for this type of game. otherwise people could easily beat the game no trouble.

Consoldtobots3545d ago

I disagree, gimme a roll button like gears (since they like the game so much) make the infected twice as fast and viciuos and you have an exciting game on your hands.

Alvadr3545d ago

This is a great case of "Graphics aint everything". The game is still a few months out.. They have the feedback, now lets hope they make controls a little more fluid.

BattleAxe3545d ago

I didn't like the controls either. They should have modernized the shooting mechanics to something similar to MGS 4.

SL1M DADDY3545d ago

Makes me want to go back and play through Dead Space - a better controlling, scary as heck and fun to play horror survival game. I loved RE4 but have to admit that I wish they updated their control scheme to a more current style.

shovelbum3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I concur with that sentiment. It is frustrating beyond belief and it could be fixed pretty easily and should have been implemented from day 1. Like many of you I've been waiting on this title for quite some time but if the run/gun option isn't available then this is likely a renter. I have played the demo countless times both with AI and my brother online and numerous deaths could have been avoided with a better control scheme. The realtime transfer of weapons/supplies is a nuisance as well but I can deal with it by planning better but the worthless knife, too random melee and shoot/stop/turn/run/stop/turn/ shoot method is too much to handle without sucking all the fun out of the demo.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

although i agree to some extent, the game from the demo i have played give you "good but wheres the new stuff" feeling. It really doesnt do anything new and it feels a lot like RE4 with HD graphics. Which necessarily isnt a bad. I just was expecting more, i'll prrly rent this one at some point.... that is if killzone 2 releases its strangle hold on me. :)

PS. i dont agree with games that get 10/10, only game that deserves that score praise hideo.

Gerry Mark II3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

NOTE this is MY opinion. If you are going to disagree with me please provide counter arguments or at least explain yourself. No one is forcing you to post here; there is no reason to flame or personal attacks.

I downloaded the demo and man it sucked arse. This is 2009, and this game should act like it.

My Hates/Quibbles.

-Crappy controls in general.
-Must press X to run (run should be determined how much you move the analog stick, like in every other game)
-Crappy camera
-Can't walk/run and shoot
-Can't walk/run and use knife
-When you transfer ammo or nades to your partner its all or nothing. You can’t say for example, transfer 10 bullets out of 20.
-You should be able to able to punch any enemy instead of waiting for a random moment. It should be like Uncharted melee combat.
-You must press Square to jump down from edges. (Normally in other games you walk off), I don’t mind pressing it to climb tho.
-Characters have no charisma or virtually no personality whatsoever
-You should be able to crouch (not that it matters but why not? Lots of other games have it)
-You should be able to roll (not that it matters again but I would like the choice)
-A few clipping issues.
-Not enough ammo, forcing me to use the knife which is lame (can’t run/walk and knife)
-When wanting to equip or combine weapons it should go to pause, or at least allowing you have the option for those that don’t like it.

My Likes

-Liked the challenge

I think i will mark this game as a rental.

By the way guys i never played Resident Evil 4 before.

The gaming GOD3545d ago

"When wanting to equip or combine weapons it should go to pause, or at least allowing you have the option for those that don’t like it."

In an online, Co-op game, that wouldn't be to feasible because it's not as if the action would stop for BOTH players just for one person to adjust weapons like that. And if it did, that would lead to an even bigger issue

Gerry Mark II3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

you got a point for the online coop part. But in single player you should have that option. The keyword is 'option', not forced.

Makes you wonder what the Capcom guys where smoking when they didn't let you run/walk and shoot/knife at the same time that is my biggest beef with the game/demo.

SupaPlaya3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

part of what makes me enjoy RE1 so much is the lack of ammo and "ink" and that you have to play smart through the game.

As strange as it sounds, the bad controls in RE1 is part of what made it worked so well. It makes it more difficult than it needs to be, yet it made it scarier at the same time.

I agree though that controls in this day and age should be improved... But it is hard to strike a balance between making a true/good sequel while re-inventing the controls at the same time. Change too much, you have the risk of not feeling like RE anymore. Not change/improve enough, well...

Also, I agree more face emotion would be a big plus as well.

P.S. I pressed agree

Gerry Mark II3545d ago

I wouldnt of minded as much if the Capcom guys allowed you to knife and run/walk at the same time, or melee at your own will like in Uncharted (instead of waiting for a random moment to Melee)

I bet even if you where allowed to use a chainsaw in this game you will still be rescricted to standing to use it.

Thats just me tho. Not sure about other peoples thoughts on this.

StephanieBBB3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

It takes a F**king bunker of Ammo to kill 1 zombie/human?/who cares?. It feels like the game is forcing me to shoot em in the leg and then go to melee combat just so I can save enough bullets to kill that insanely armored boss guy at the end.

And how much damage some of the enemies do feels kinda inconsistent too. The zombies does more dmg in a hit than the boss guy with a huge axe.

And last but not least no dodging/blocking. WTF am I suppose to do when im cornered in to a room and can't roll out or atleast take the hit from the boss and come out alive?

Srsly why am I even playing this game again? ah yes... the co-op...

0verdrive3545d ago

totally agreed on most of the points..

i can understand that a lot of hardcore re4 fans want to keep it the same as b4, but stopping to attack just does not work in this current generation. this holds ESPECIALLY true when it comes to melee combat, i found it incredibly stupid that you cant move while using the knife. its ridiculous that you have to wait for them to come to you. i disagree with the ammo being scarce, because that adds to the tension, and would be effective if using the melee weapons would be easier, or even a viable option at all.

personally i had a big problem with binding the run button to x(a). it just feels awkward to take your thumb off of the right control stick, the one that usually is used to look, and start steering with the left stick. its just too unorthodox.

a bunch of other problems i had with the game, but im really not in the mood to type them up. its a shame, i would have bought this game forsure, if not just to play coop with one of my friends, but it seems that the demo has successfully steered me away from re5, effectively saving me $60.

cjflora3545d ago

I could have sworn that while reading playstation blog today that they mentioned alternative control schemes for this game. I thought they said Type D would give you the ability to strafe. I'll try it tonight and see, but it would be funny if all of you were whining about the controls, and all this time you could change it, lol.

byaaface3545d ago

@Gerry Mark II
I agree with you but saying the characters lack charisma is sort of unfair since it is just a short demo...

I haven't played any RE games but saying bad controls is a plus is a pretty weak argument...I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you but i think there would be a better way of saying that point...

P.S. Sorry for being a OCD bastard...goddamn English class I hate it so much...

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ape0073545d ago

the gameplay is exactly the same as resi 4

I play the demo and I can't wait to buy it

amazing demo

don't know what's wrong?

Baka-akaB3545d ago

No it's not . it mimicked it's button , but RE4's camera while not perfect and possibly irritating in some phases , wasnt as butchered and awful .

I dont care about the run/not run thing . Re4 had a decent gameplay and this , based on the demo only mind you , does not .

poopsack3545d ago

i didnt find it "horrible" either, i never played resident evil 4, and im liking 5's demo, maybe people were expecting too much idk, but i fail to see the clunky controls, what i dont like is having to headshot to melee, you can knife but melee goes farther. But again, its not a "you suck" thing for me. I like it, may even buy it.

villevalorox3545d ago

yes I dont get what everyone is talking about. I love it. Its wonderful. I love the controls, It did take me 2 time to play through before i got used to them. I guess the people that are saying it sucks never played RE4.

Consoldtobots3545d ago

I was really turned off by the 360 version while the PS3 version has redeemed it somewhat.

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The gaming GOD3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I myself wanted this game 100%. But after playing this demo I'm not totally sure anymore. I was never the biggest RE fan in the world, but I did like the games to an extent. This difficult controlling demo didn't do much to give me a positive look to this game.

And he sure as hell is right about the constant having to slash with that knife. And with the way the controls are set up, if you get surrounded it's very hard to work your way out of the bad situation

To be fair, IF I get this game, the SOLE reason might be the Co-op feature that gets me to make the purchase

boJABER3545d ago

Resident Evil is trying to be a survival shooter since RE4 when they changed the camera, added more guns. and it was a successful attempt back in the days.

RE5 is trying to extends that survival shooter element but it's failing, bcuz its 2009, if RE5 wants to be a shooter then it should act as a modern one.

RE1-3 were survival horror games that's why their controls were not an issue. u were not supposed to gun and run.

I stopped caring about RE since RE4, I did not like the controls back then and I will not like it in RE5