Microsoft: Windows 7 Security 'Bug' Is a 'Feature'

Microsoft insisted Monday that what outsiders have called a "security flaw" in Windows 7 is not a bug, but the way the new operating system is meant to work.

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Sarick3547d ago

This reminds me of the feature in XP where you could load an admin account in safe mode to bypass all user account permissions. The ability to change the admin password by booting in safe mode allowed me to reset my nieces newly formatted XP system. Her dads friend was an FBI systems admin.

They formatted with everything nerfed so she couldn't install anything. In less then 30 seconds that admin account had the password changed and given to her so she could install itunes on her own system.

That was also a feature. ^.~

ThatArtGuy3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

If it's documented it's not a bug, it's a feature! That's their mantra since the 80's.

DJ3547d ago

"How could a low-privileged application be[ing] able to turn off the entire privileged-applications security-layer not be a security flaw?"

Microsoft saying this is a "purposeful feature" is just INCREDIBLE.

SiLeNt KNighT3547d ago

This 'feature' is kind of like "The Club" (steering wheel lock).

-XP has no club, if a person wants your car they will take it.

-W7 has the club, if a person wants your car they will take it, it will just take 30 seconds longer.

Anything can be hacked. IMO this IS a feature. Nobody should rely only on windows...any be your end all security. There's PLENTY of free software out there that does an excellent job at protecting your system(s). This feature does what it's meant to do. Kind of like how haters hate like their supposed to. The world goes round!

Lord Anubis3547d ago

perhaps this is not the right place to say this but i remember reading a microsoft fan made ad that said.

Microsoft: Failure is not an OPTION!

It's BUNDLED in the system.

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