Telegraph: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review

Telegraph writes: "Remember the bit in Lord of the Rings where, during the battle of Isengard, a battalion of elves stood by a magical flag at the foot of the Tower of Orthanc; fighting off a platoon of respawning Uruk'hai for an arbitrary amount of time? No? Us neither. And yet, here it is, in all its stiflingly awful video game 'glory'.

Artistic licence is one thing when creating a video game of a cherished tale, indeed, a 'what if' twist can often be a welcome scenario in established mythology if done right. However, Lord of the Rings: Conquest doesn't so much as bend the story to the gameplay's whim, as drag it through a great big pile of orc dung, before setting it on fire. The culmination of said battle ends with Gandalf storming to the top of the Tower, conjuring electric bombs to toss at Saruman, before booting him out of the window. It might have been an entertaining alternative to Tolkein's tale if Conquest wasn't so ghastly to actually play."

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