PS3 Online: Background Downloading, the Sony Way. dropped this unconfirmed hint that background downloading, which is to come with FW 1.60, is limited to the XMB environment only and will pause during a game. claims to have obtained this information from anonymous "contacts in the industry" who gave a summary of a "high-level" Sony meeting.

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timmyp534252d ago

and free roaming games like GTA any other games it just useless.
Its not for games too?..hopefully it is.

Bathyj4252d ago

Yeah, get the ingame music happening. This really should be a standard feature in every game from the start. Some games it might not suit but that up to you to find appropriate music. I used to love playing Conflict, Desert Storm while listening to System of a Down. It just seemed to fit.

BubblesDAVERAGE4252d ago

Sony is so stooopid....that pisses me off if its not on there

highps34252d ago

Not like you can download and play Gears of Wars so dont even go there. Xbox you can play demos and some single player games..

This is just a rumor but cant wait to see what the update includes.

God of Gaming4252d ago

Actually you are WRONG... every game checks for updates when you start the title so you will get the message that your download has stopped. But for some reason it wont give you a download resume message when you go into single player. Many people have not payed attention... I challenge you to go download a 200 mb trailer or something and then play some single player gears.... Once the download is done you will get the finished message.

Thats the facts.... I pay attention when I game

ReconHope4252d ago

"New APIs were discussed which allow background downloading during less resource intensive sections of a game (such as the front end menu), but such functionality will only be considered once the 1.60 update is out the door. Even so, games would have to allocate extra memory need to be able to support this."

hint of firmware update later on?

spacetoilet4252d ago

Well its better than the crap as$ method we have right now. You can't do anything while your downloading.

Torch4252d ago

There's always the option of sitting there like a drooling neanderthal-like gimp and gaze blankly at the painfully-crawling progress bar while you download that one-gig demo across the required three and-a-half hour time span.

Very theraputic and meditative, y'know.

(Lord, I hope Sony properly fixes this before I lose any more brain cells.)

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The story is too old to be commented.