9.4 - Killzone 2 Review

The Spanish gaming site managed to review Killzone 2, empowering it with the great score of 94 out of 100.

"Guerrilla has achieved, has overcome the immense hype surrounding the release of the game and has done an exceptional shooter that stands out in each of its sections and whose only fault, in our view, is the fact submit a story but not lose the bellows does not move us any time into apotheosis, one of those moments that remain etched in our minds. Still, Killzone 2 is a solid game with a edge very well implemented and an action level that has no lapses at any time."

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LittleBigKillzone3543d ago

I think N4Gs meta rating is messed up, the average has been at 9.2 forever now even after all the high 9 reviews that came out within the last couple hours

Alexious3543d ago

I think N4G's metascore should ban the reviews from least known websites, that in Killzone 2's case are trying to get sensational and thus have more clicks by doing the opposite of most websites: giving it a low score.

Rangitahi3543d ago

people need stop flocking to sites that deliberatly give ps3 exclusives bad reviews cos it gives their websites page hits which determines adverrtising revenue

chidori6663543d ago

30 reviews still in 94 kz2 in meta...

ALIEN3543d ago

It's beautiful, ain't it?